Making Memories SLICE Starter Kit

Making Memories SLICE Starter KitThe Making Memories SLICE Starter Kit has everything you need to get started making your own die cuts. Take a look at what is included:

The SLICE Machine - If you have spent any time on this site, you probably have read plenty about this two pound digital design cutter from Making Memories.

This crafty machine is smaller than a five inch square, weighs less than two pounds, and can be used cordless when its rechargeable batteries are charged. It is able to turn ordinary paper, card stock, vellum, photographs, and even vinyl into die cuts, ranging in size from one inch to four inches, in half inch increments. It's easy to use too, with a simple interface and easy to read graphics window which lets you select the desired shape and size.

Basic Shapes One Design Card - The SLICE Starter Kit includes the Basic Shapes One Design Card. Use this cartridge to make a wide variety of die cuts - 165 designs to be exact, including letters, numbers, shapes, tags, photo corners and more! We promise - you won't get bored with the Basic Shapes One cartridge, but when you are ready, there are additional design cards available, including ones that make cutouts to coordinate with popular Making Memories product lines, such as Animal Crackers and Noteworthy.

6" X 6" Tempered Glass Cutting Mat and Repositionable Tacky Adhesive - The adhesive firmly holds the material to be cut in place on the cutting mat, yet easily releases it when finished, leaving no sticky residue on the newly created die cuts. The sturdy mat is washable and reusable, and will last through hundreds (if not thousands!) of projects. A larger mat (12” x 12”) is also available, although it does not come with the starter kit.

Power Cord - The power cord has two functions. First, it charges the rechargeable batteries in the machine, so that the SLICE can be used approximately 45 minutes cord free. However, when the machine runs out of juice, you can keep cutting by plugging it into an electric outlet and letting the cord provide electrical power to keep it running.

Five Blades and Blade Replacement Tool - Additional blades can be purchased separately, but there are plenty here to get started!

With a suggested retail price of approximately $150.00, this starter kit is an affordable way to start making your own die cuts for scrapbook layouts, handmade cards, and other paper crafting projects.