Making Memories SLICE Tag Maker Design Card

The Tag Maker Design Card for the Making Memories SLICE die cut machine gives crafters the capability to make a wide variety of tag-shaped cutouts for their scrapbook and paper crafting projects.  Although these shapes look great "as is", they really shine when embellished with rims using the tag maker tool.  This tool, also from Making Memories, crimps metal rims around the die cut tags, giving them a professional, yet custom, look.

Before the release of this design card, crafters who owned this tool had to use templates to hand cut tags they wanted to use in their projects.  If they wanted to avoid hand cutting, they could invest in several punches for each size and shape they wanted to cut - as you can imagine, this cost quickly added up.  However, with the introduction of the Slice Tag Maker Design Card, the time and effort needed to make these custom embellishments is significantly less than handcutting, and the cost of the design card is a fraction of the cost of investing in several punches.

Using the SLICE and this design card, crafters can select from a variety of sizes and shapes, including circles, squares, ovals, rectangles, and hearts.  It includes solid shaped tags, as well as ones that are further embellished with embedded shapes, including upper and lowercase letters, numbers, flowers, butterflies, stars (and more!).  These are also great to layer, using two different colors of coordinating papers.

For anyone who owns the SLICE, the Tag Maker Design Card is a welcome addition to their scrapbooking tool collection.

Slice TagMaker Design Card

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