Making Memories SLICE Big Kids Design Card

If you have not added the SLICE Big Kids Design Card to your collection yet, what are you waiting for! This cartridge has a little bit of everything. It is perfect for making die cut shapes for scrapbook layouts and handmade birthday cards for your children or grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and others.

A simple font with numbers and upper and lower case letters is included. These can be cut in seven different sizes, ranging from one to four inches. In addition to the letters and numbers, you can make the following with the SLICE Big Kids Design Card:

* Phrases - There are a ton of kid-inspired phrases on this cartridge. I believe I counted twenty-seven different sayings in all, including "play", "so big", "oh boy", "sugar & spice", and "so cute". These phrases are designed with a bit of whimsy, and are a great way to add style and personality to your scrapbook pages.

* Insect and Animal Die Cuts - Kids and critters are an unbeatable combination! This design card lets you cut butterflies, ladybugs, and bumblebees, as well as horses, lizards, turtles, puppies and kittens.

* Girly Cutouts - For the little princesses in your life, this cartridge will let you make die cuts of unicorns, castles, fairies, rainbows, ballerinas, mermaids, teapots, and more.

* For the Little Guys - Make die cuts of choo choo trains, steamboats, helicopters, race cars, dinosaurs, cowboy hats, and robots.

* School Supplies and Sports Equipment - You can also make the following with this cartridge: baseballs, footballs, tricycles, safety scissors, books, and cell phones.

With all these fun shapes, the Big Kids Design Card is sure to be a favorite!

SLICE Big Kids Design Card

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