Making Memories SLICE Basic Shapes 2 Design Card

The Making Memories SLICE Basic Shapes 2 design card is anything but basic! Although you might expect it to cut squares, circles, triangles and other geometric favorites, the simple fact is that it goes beyond those.

Before I tell you what types of shapes it does cut, you should know that you can use this cartridge to make die cuts ranging in size from one inch to four inches, with several sizes in between (using half inch increments).

The die cuts can be made from paper, card stock, vellum, vinyl and more! With the optional Embossing Tip Kit from Making Memories, you can even use this design card to make your own textured papers and materials.

Take a look at the left to see what types of cutouts you can make with the SLICE Basic Shapes 2 cartridge. As you can see, it takes the basics to an entirely different level, and gives you the capability to make the following die cuts:

* Flowers, flowers, and oh, did I mention flowers? If you are looking for a design card that will let you cut a field of flower shapes, this is the one you want!

* Continuing on with the garden theme, the Basic Shapes 2 cartridge also includes a fun selection of buggy cutouts - butterflies, ladybugs, bumblebees and dragonflies.

* In addition to the flower and bug cutouts, you can also make a scroll and paisley shape, both of which are perfect accents for cards and scrapbook layouts.

* Rounding out the die cutting capabilities of this design card is an upper and lower case font, that also includes letters and typographical symbols.

Here at Die Cut Fun, we are just "buggy" over the SLICE Basic Shapes 2 design card!

SLICE Basic Shapes 2 Design Card

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