Getting Started with the SLICE by Making Memories

The instruction manual that comes with your SLICE by Making Memories die cut machine does an excellent job explaining how to get started. However, we have included our own "quickie" tutorial here, to give you an overview of how this digital design cutter works. Okay, let's get started...

Charge the SLICE

First, you will need to plug in the machine. It does come pre-charged, but the manufacturer recommends plugging it in for an hour before using it the first time. It takes about an hour to fully charge the machine, and it will work for approximately forty-five minutes on a full charge. When it needs recharged, you can continue to use it, although you will need to plug it in.

Once the die cut machine has charged for an hour, it's ready to go!

Prepare the Cutting Mat

To prepare the glass cutting mat, place a small seam of the repositionable adhesive on one side of the mat. Use the applicator to spread the glue across the surface of the mat. Let it dry for approximately two minutes. When first applied, the adhesive is white. When it is dry and the cutting mat is ready to use, the adhesive will turn clear.

If too much adhesive is applied, the material being cut will stick to the mat and will be difficult to remove. If too little adhesive is used, the material may crumble while being cut. If either of these things happen, clean the mat and try again. The mat should also be cleaned before a new coating of adhesive is applied.

Prepare the Die Cut Material

The material to be cut should be place on the cutting mat face side up. If desired, use the grid lines on the cutting mat to make sure it is straight. Gently smooth the paper, making sure that it is completely flat on the cutting surface.

Insert the SLICE Design Card

Push the power button to turn the machine on. Insert the design card into the back slot. The pattern side of the design cartridge should face up, and the card should be inserted notch side first. When properly inserted, the card will make a clicking sound and the menu screen will change to display the SLICE logo.

"Home" the Blade

In order to put the blade in the correct position during initial use, it is necessary to "home" the device. Press the menu key. The "Settings" option will be highlighted. Press the select button, and the machine will prompt you to press select again in order to "home" the blade.

Select a Design

To select a design, press the menu key until the menu screen appears. Using the arrow keys, choose the design card option and press select. Use the right and left arrow buttons to select the desired category.

To scroll through design by design, use the larger arrow keys. Use the smaller arrow keys to scroll through screen by screen.

After selecting the design, use the arrow keys to select a size. Press select once more to position the cutting blade.

Cut the Design

Position the SLICE on the die cut material, making sure to remove the protective base first. Press the green start button on the side to begin cutting. Using both hands, lightly hold the machine on the cutting surface so it does not move while it cuts. When it is finished, the machine will display a message that cutting is complete. Take the machine off and place it to the side. Congratulations - you just made your first die cut!

Other Important Notes

To cancel cutting in the middle of a cut, simply press the MENU button on the keypad.

If the machine is not completely cutting through the material, the blade will need either replacing or the pressure of the blade will need adjusting.

To adjust the blade so that it applies more pressure, use the wrench that came in the starter kit to turn the blade a quarter of a turn left.

As a general rule, the blade can make approximately fifty cuts before it will need replaced, although the life of the cutting blades will vary, depending on the size and intricacies of the designs being cut, as well as the type of material it is being used on. If the blade needs replaced, use the blade replacement tool, which is similar to tweezers, to remove the dull blade and to insert the new blade.

If the machine is not cutting the material at all, this may mean that the blade is too low. The SLICE die cut machine has an internal sensor that prevents it from cutting when this happens. To adjust upward and reduce pressure, use the wrench to lessen the pressure by turning the blade to the right.

That's it! If you have any questions or comments regarding these instructions for getting started with the SLICE by Making Memories, feel free to leave them below. Even if we can't answer your questions, there's a good chance that one of our other visitors will be able to lend a helping hand...