Seasonal Cricut Cartridges

The first three seasonal Cricut cartridges were introduced in fall 2009.  At that time, Provo Craft announced that they would release three new seasonal cartridges each quarter.  To make way for all the new releases, these carts are limited edition and only available from the company for a short period of time, before being discontinued.

Cricut Thanksgiving Cartridge
Cricut Christmas Cards Cartridge
Christmas Cards
Cricut Christmas Village Cartridge
Christmas Village
Cricut H2O Cartridge
Cricut Pumpkin Carving Cartridge
Pumpkin Carving
Cricut October 31st Cartridge
October 31st
Cricut Independence Day Cartridge
Independence Day
Cricut Summer Vacation Cartridge
Summer Vacation
Cricut Summer in Paris Cartridge
Summer in Paris
Cricut Love Struck Cartridge
Love Struck
Cricut Easter Cartridge
Cricut Mother's Day Cartridge
Mother's Day
Cricut Very Merry Tags Cartridge
Very Merry Tags
Cricut Snow Friends Cartridge
Snow Friends
Cricut When It's Cold Outside Cartridge
When It's Cold Outside

They offer a smaller selection of die cuts than full carts, and do not include any creative features. Due to the fact that they have no creative features, they do not come packaged with a handbook. They also are not packaged with a storage binder. However, they can be purchased for much less than full cartridges, retailing for less than $30.00 each. Of course, keep an eye out for sales - there's never a reason to pay full price!

Each cartridge has approximately fifty images.  These images usually focus on a single holiday, event, or occasion.  For example, the Snow Friends cart only cuts snowmen, and outfits and accessories for these snowmen.  Currently, there are three Christmas/winter-themed seasonal Cricut cartridges available (including Snow Friends), as well as one each for Valentine's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day.  More will be added to this list soon, as Provo Craft plans to release additional ones each quarter.

Although there are no creative features on these carts, there are many ways to customize the die cuts.  As with other Cricut cutouts, the size of the die cuts can be customized depending on the project and the type of machine you own.  Many of the images also come with layering options, and using a Cuttlebug or other embosser, dimension and texture can be added to these layers before gluing them down.  In addition to layering, the die cuts from the Cricut seasonal cartridges can also be personalized with other embellishments in your paper craft stash, including buttons, beads, stickles, ink, chalk, and ribbon.

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