Cricut Gypsy from ProvoCraft

Once you use the Cricut Gypsy from ProvoCraft, you will wonder how you ever got along without it!  On its own, this portable handheld device will not make die cuts, but when hooked into your machine, will allow you to cut designs that you customize.

It's compatible with all current Cricut die cut machine models - the Expression, Create, and Personal Electronic Cutter, as well as the Cake machine model.

Like the Design Studio Software, your Gypsy will let you mix and match cuts from different cartridges.  Select your mat size, select the cartridges and designs you want to use, and then create away!  When you are happy with your designs, simply link the Gypsy to your Cricut to make your die cuts.

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This handheld gadget also comes pre-loaded with two digital cartridges - the Gypsy Font and Wanderings cartridges.

The Font cart features pretty, flowing handwritten style letters.  Creative features include shadow, shadow blackout, monogram and monogram shadow, and two styles of monogram tags.

The Wanderings cart has a wide variety of images and phrases.  Using its creative features, you can also make borders and tags.  Here are pics of both...

In addition to using designs from the Gypsy Font and Wandering cartridges, you can design and cut images from other cartridges in your collection.  You will first need to link your cartridges to your Gypsy.  Linking is a one-time deal.  Once you link your carts, you will not need to link them again.

You will also not need to load them into your Cricut die cut machine when cutting your Gypsy designs.  With the content from your cartridge library loaded on to your Gypsy, you will be able to make cuts from multiple carts at one time.

The one thing you should note is that once your carts are linked to your Gypsy, you will not be able to link them to another handheld.  If you should need to replace your handheld, you will need to work with Provo Craft's customer service department to get a replacement with the same serial number.

There are a few things that you can do to make the most of your Cricut Gypsy:

Keep it updated! Updating will keep your Gypsy up to to date with new features and other improvements, such as speed.  It's also the only way to get new cartridges added to your machine as they are released.  To update, you will need a PC (Windows 7, XP, or Vista) or a MAC (OSX 10.5 and above) with internet connection.

Calibrate the screen. Under the settings menu (the icon looks like a wrench), you will see a menu item denotated as "calibrate screen".  On occasion, you will need to calibrate the screen in order to utilize the touch interface.  If you have trouble selecting objects, more than likely your machine needs calibrated.  Fortunately, this process is very simple and only takes a few seconds.

Left-handed?  No problem! From the settings menu, select left hand mode, then rotate your Gypsy 180 degrees.

Check out free online tutorials. Joy at Joy's Life has some fantastic Gypsy video tutorials on her blog.  Check 'em out!  There are many scrapbookers willing to freely share their expertise.  I found Joy by visiting the Cricut Message Board, which is another great place to get information, ideas, and to have questions answered.

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If you have more questions, make sure you check out the Gypsy FAQ on the Cricut website.  When you decide it's right for you, make sure you return here to check out the bargains we have found for you.