Move Over Cake Boss – the Cricut Cake is Here!

The Cricut Cake takes die cutting to the kitchen, making cutouts from gumpaste and frosting, to decorate your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other culinary confections like a professional.  Yep, move over Cake Boss - the scrapbookers are taking over the kitchen!

All kidding aside, if you have an Expression or other die cut machine from Provo Craft, it will be a cinch to operate this machine.  If you are new to the Cricut world, no problem!  You will also be amazed at how simple this machine is to use and how quickly you will be able to produce fabulously decorated confections and treats.

Cricut cake eletronic cutting system Martha Stewart machine, cord and manual 
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Cricut Cake Personal Electronic Cutter Machine Gently Used Red
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Cricut Cake Mini Craft Cutting Machine
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Although there are more than half a dozen Cricut Cake cartridges, including three from Martha Stewart, this machine is also compatible with all the other carts that you have in your collection.  And vice versa, if you decide to invest in a couple of cake cartridges, you don't have to use them exclusively in the kitchen.  You can also use these carts in your Expression, Create, or even the new Imagine printing and die cutting machine.

The Cake machine, as well as the cartridges, are also compatible with your Gypsy, Jukebox, and Design Studio software.

However, there are some other differences between this model and the machine you have sitting in your scrapbooking room.  Most notably, instead of cutting paper and cardstock, this machine is used to cut gumpaste and frosting sheets.  A keypad protector is included, to protect the electronic components of your machine from spills and wet hands.  For the same reason, a cartridge skirt is also included.  The blades are stainless and come with blade housing protectors, to keep them free of food.  The dials used to adjust size, speed, and pressure are also stainless.

This machine has an exclusive food-safe cutting mat.  Instead of adhesive, you will need to apply shortening to this mat, to adhere your fondant, gumpaste, or frosting sheets.  There are a couple of tricks to applying the shortening, but once you get the hang of it, you won't have any problems.

Cricut has a great series of videos that you should check out if you plan to add this machine to your kitchen arsenal.  There are tips for how to apply shortening to your cutting mats, including special instructions for your climate (humid or dry).  There are also tips for working with gumpaste, as well as general advice for decorating your cake.

Click here to check out the Cricut Cake instructional video series.

Other features include the following:

  • uses 12" x 12" and 12" x 24" Cricut Cake cutting mats
  • makes cuts from 1.5" to 23.5"
  • can make cuts in portrait or landscape mode
  • has a quantity mode which allows you to select the number of cuts you want made of the die cut on the display screen
  • has a fit to page mode, which overrides the size dial and maximizes the size of the cut character
  • has a multi cut function which allows you cut thicker material by making multiple cuts over the original lines
  • speed and pressure are adjustable

Additional tips and tricks can be found here, including recipes for gumpaste and buttercream frosting.