Solutions Cartridges

If you are looking for Solutions Cricut cartridges, you are in luck - this site is one of the best places to comparison shop for them, and it's easy to find the ones you want at half off (or even more)! Introduced by the Provo Craft company in March 2008, the Solutions carts offer an alternative to their pricier counterparts. Here are the ones that are currently available...

Cricut Baseball Cartridge
Cricut Basketball Cartridge
Cricut Soccer Cartridge
Cricut Home Decor Cartridge
Home Decor
Cricut Home Accents Cartridge
Home Accents
Cricut Indie Art Cartridge
Indie Art
Cricut Wedding Cartridge
Cricut Camp Out Cartridge
Camp Out
Cricut Christmas Cartridge
Cricut Stamping Solutions CartridgeStamping Cricut Sans Serif Cartridge
Sans Serif
Cricut Stone Script Cartridge
Stone Script
Cricut Street Sign Cartridge
Street Sign
Cricut Blackletter Cartridge
Cricut Pink Journey Cartridge
Pink Journey

In many ways, these are quite a bit different than what you may be used to. Here's why...

They are less expensive.

Provo Craft realized that there was a need for a less expensive alternative, and so they introduced the Solutions series in 2008. These retail for about half of the cost of the other styles (or right around fifty dollars). However, there is one major disadvantage to their cheap price tag - they offer fewer features...

They have fewer creative features.

I love playing with the creative features on my Cricut, and unfortunately, the Solutions series skimps on these. Instead of the standard six, there's only two - usually shadow and blackout.

They have fewer designs.

Other cartridges have right around 100 designs each. The Solutions ones have about half that much. However, I have to admit there are some advantages to offering fewer designs. Many of them are focused on a single subject - for example, instead of all sports (like the Sports Mania cartridge), they focus on just one single theme, such as soccer, baseball, or basketball. As you can see, although you may be getting fewer designs overall, you may be receiving more designs that you will actually use because of the more focused range of die cuts.

They have different packaging.

Typically, cartridges come in a handy storage box that you can use to store the cartridge, overlay and handbook when not in use. Unfortunately, the Solutions series do not come in these storage boxes. Instead, they come in plastic blister packaging, that loses any usefulness as soon as the item is opened. Even if it meant charging a dollar or two more, I really wish they would have used the cardboard storage boxes for these too. What do you think?

Anyway, that wraps up the primary differences between the cheap Cricut cartridges known as the Solutions series, and the traditional ones that dominate the collection.