Cricut Cartridge Storage Ideas

There are several different ways that you can store your Cricut cartridges and handbooks. However, before I get into all the various storage methods, I want to first tell you about my current system.

My crafting area does double duty as my home office, so although I have a great work area, space is limited since it has to be multi-functional. For that reason, I got rid of all my boxes quite awhile back, and now use the upper tier of a Clip It Up. I got the idea from Joy at Obsessed with Scrapbooking a couple of years ago, and although it works, it's still not the perfect system.

I use my Gypsy when designing most of my projects. However, I still refer to the handbooks a lot, and I am continually pulling down bags and hanging them back up. After time, the plastic bags that I store the handbooks and cartridges in begin to look worn and eventually need replaced.

In addition, the handbooks can be difficult to get in and out of the bags, and I generally have a half dozen or so pulled down at one time, so it can be a pain to match everything up and hang them back up. I also need to find a better place for my Clip It Up. Currently, it's on top of a four shelf bookcase, and because of the height, it's not easy hanging the cartridge bags back up on the upper tier.

So, anyway, I am now looking for a different solution...

{DIY} Snapware Cartridge Storage

DIY Snapware Cricut Cartridge Storage
I came across a great idea from Jo at Lucky Jo Girl. Her solution uses a Snapware Snap 'N Stack Ribbon Dispenser and plastic canvas. The handbooks and overlays are stored in the top compartment, and the plastic canvas is used to make a custom-sized grid to hold the Cricut cartridges in the bottom compartment.

I like this solution because it's inexpensive and also easy to make! The Snapware boxes sell in the ten dollar range and the plastic canvas should only cost a couple of dollars. Also, it would be fun to embellish the box (or should I say boxes - I will probably need more than one!), with vinyl cutouts on the sides and ribbons on the handle.

Provo Craft Cartridge Storage Binders

Cricut Storage Binder

Provo Craft has come up with its own solution to the Cricut cartridge storage dilemma. They sell binders, which hold the cartridges on one side, and keypad overlays and handbooks on the other side. Their binders can hold up to twelve cartridges, and retail for approximately thirty dollars.

Scraponizer Storage Library

Scraponizer Storage Library

Another store bought solution is the Scraponizer Storage Library. This set of four clear cases holds sixteen cartridges, with their handbooks and overlays. According to reviews that I have read, the plastic is very sturdy, and of course, these are a real space saver. I am not sure what the regular retail price is, but right now the company is running a special on the four pack set for $19.95.

Artbin Super Satchel Electronic Cartridge Storage Container

Artbin Cricut Cartridge Storage

Artbin also has a Cricut cartridge storage container, and as for the commercial solutions, this one is probably my favorite. It holds sixteen cartridges, with handbooks and keypad overlays, and also has a little space in the front of the box for storing tools. The case is also affordable, with a suggested retail price of $19.99.

One More DIY Solution

DIY Cartridge Storage Idea

I am still not sure yet what I am going to do! Maybe I will just look around here and see if there is anything that I can repurpose and use as a container to hold my cartridges. That's exactly what Lea at Lea's Cupcakes and Sunshine did. She had two totes on hand that she had purchased "ages ago" at Michaels, that she uses for her travel-ready Cricut cartridge storage solution.

Do you have any suggestions? I would love to hear how you are storing your cartridges! Let us know by leaving a comment below...


  1. DL Davis says:

    The solution I am currently using is this: The laminate cubes that have 3 drawers are the perfect size to stand up the spirals and I just put the overlays in front of the spiral books. There is enough room on the side to put the little computer cartridges. I’m looking for some type of divider or holder for the computer parts that will allow me to see them but hold more than it currently holds. As my stock increases, I plan on making dividers to help organize them such as Fonts, Birthdays, Weddings, etc. and sort the books by theme. Hope that makes sense.

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