Cricut Black Friday Deals 2011

Who would like to see a round up of all the Cricut Black Friday deals for this year?  I thought you might be interested!  Here are all the 2011 deals I was able to find by looking at the online ads.  I hope I'm not missing anything, but if I did, let me know by leaving a note in the comments below.


Walmart has an awesome deal on the Cricut Imagine.  They are selling it with two bonus cartridges for $187.00.  They open up at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, and I'm guessing not many of these machines will make it to Black Friday morning.

Cricut Black Friday Deal - Walmart


When I think of buying Cricut products, I do not normally think of Menards, but they also have a couple of great deals.  First, they have the Cricut Expression (in assorted colors) for $119.00 - limit one per customer.  Menards also has Cricut cartridges for $12.99.  It appears that these are Lites.  There is a limit on the number of cartridges that you can purchase, although it's hard to make out (maybe 8?).  Menards opens at 6 a.m. on Black Friday.

Cricut Black Friday Deals - Menards


Michaels always has great Cricut deals on Black Friday, and this year is no different! They also open at 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day (I can't help but feel bad for their employees) and at 6 a.m. on Friday. This year they have the limited edition Expression 2 with 4 pre-loaded cartridges for $199.99.  They also have Cricut cartridges for $26.99.  Michaels is also giving a free Jubilee cartridge to the first 25 customers at each store, but after reading the fine print, I think you have to buy two cartridges in order to get the freebie.  In addition to these two deals, Michaels also has a Friday doorbuster (6 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.) - a Cricut V1 cutter for $69.99.

Cricut Black Friday Deals - Michaels


The ad I saw for Joanns was a little confusing. For their Friday doorbusters (which I believe are all day long, from 6 a.m. to close), they have the Cricut Expression for $159.99 and the Cake Mini machine for $89.99.  They also have a $12.49 mail in rebate for customers who purchase two Cricut cartridges and one ArtBin Electronic Cartridge & Supply Storage container.  That section shows that the cartridges are on sale for $26.99, but later in the ad, Joann advertises a three day sale on their cartridges for $39.99.  Also, the ArtBin is advertised for $12.49, but I'm not sure if this already takes the rebate into account.   On Saturday, the doors open at 7 a.m., with a doorbuster sale on the Cricut E2 for $229.99.

Cricut Black Friday Deals - Joann


There are no A.C. Moore stores anywhere close to where I live, but I have many online friends that shop there for Cricut products, so I'm including them here in this list.  A.C. Moore opens up at 5 a.m. on Black Friday, with a doorbuster sale on the E2.  Until noon, the E2 is $168.88 - after 12 p.m., the price will go up to $199.99 (if there are any left!).  On Friday and Saturday, Cricut cartridges are on sale for $28.88.

Cricut Black Friday A.C. Moore

Well, that wraps up my list for now.  In case of incorrect information, regional variances or typographical errors in the listings, remember to check the local ads in your area to verify the sales in your area before you go out shopping!


  1. at menards yes the limit is 8 cartridges:) and at the one i stoped at today, the lady said they havent even opened the black friday boxes yet. some of the cartridges might be lites, but i know in past years they have not been. remember ladies, if you are planning on going to menards, get their early, and remember to bring you reusable bags, they run outta carts verry easily :) and the cartridges go fast:) happy shopping!!!! and thanks for the tip on the cake mini, i might have to get one:)

  2. yup limit 8 and in my ad all the cricut cartridges shown are lites.

  3. The Mendard’s Cricut isn’t compatable with Craft Room, is it?

  4. Hi Vanessa & Julie, Thanks for confirming that the limit at Menards is 8 cartridges. I stopped by mine this morning, and they still don’t have them out yet.

    Hi Scrapper, Good news – the Menard’s Cricut IS compatible with Craftroom! Actually, all the Cricut models are compatible, although you will need to connect the Menard’s model (which is the original Expression) to your computer using a USB cable (it does not have wifi capability, like the E2).

  5. I am a scrapper but I haven’t broken down and bought a cricuit but am wondering which one I should get?

  6. Hi Laurie…I bought the V1 personal one (small) just 2 months ago and am getting ready to buy the V2 Expression (bigger one) now. Go for the bigger one, you have so many more options when working with the 3d projects and such!

  7. Hi Laurie, The original Expression has really come down in price, so I would highly recommend getting one of those. Like Pam, I started out with a smaller machine (the Create), but it didn’t take me long to upgrade to the bigger machine. I bought mine primarily for scrapbooking too, but I started using it for other projects and realized I could do so much more with the extra cutting surface the Expression provides. If your Menards still has the Expression in stock, $119 is really an awesome deal!

  8. Thanks for the update on the awesome deals. Unfortunately for the Michael’s, and well as the Joann Fabrics in my town (Boston) they only received 1 Cricut Personal Machine in; so the ad was kind of deceiving when it mentions “while supplies last” considering there wasn’t much of a supply! Unfortunately I guess I will have to continue shopping around.

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