Cricut Mats – Quick & Easy Cleaning Tips

I have a couple of short videos I want to share with you today regarding cleaning and re-sticking your Cricut mats.

Don't all those little leftover pieces on your mat drive you crazy!  I always felt like I spent as much time trying to remove them from my mat as I did actually crafting.  However, I recently came across a video from Creations by Christie , and she has a super simple, super quick method for getting rid of all those little leftover pieces.  Her secret weapon?  The metal edge on her Tim Holtz Design Ruler!

Another problem that I have with my Cricut mats is that they eventually lose their stickiness.  Fortunately, this problem can also be easily corrected!

One way to do this is to clean your mats with baby wipes.  Make sure the wipes are alcohol free and unscented.  Sometimes just using wipes will do the trick, but if not, you can extending its use by applying adhesive.  I know some people who use the repositionable spray adhesives, but I really don't really like the fumes from these.  Instead, I recommend using a Zig 2-Way Glue Pen with with the large chisel tip.

Here is a quick two minute from Megan at Above Rubies Studio that shows this method:

Please note, let your mat dry for 24 hours before placing your protective sheet back on the mat. In her video, Megan shows what happened when she didn't wait!

If you have any other tips for extending the life of your Cricut cutting mats, I would love to hear them!  Just leave a comment below...

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