Cricut Leprechaun Trap

Are you still looking for more projects to make for St. Patrick's Day with your Cricut?  Here's a quick and easy one, and if it works, it just might make make you a little richer - it's a leprechaun trap!

My five year old has been asking me all week if we could make a trap.  I'm not sure if he wants to keep the leprechaun as a pet, or release him in exchange for his stash of gold!  Anyway, this is the trap we made, and it took only about fifteen minutes or so to throw together...

We're hoping that the leprechaun will think the Rolos are actually gold. Even if it doesn't fool him, my five year old is confident that these little guys like chocolate - a lot!  Either way, we think this trap just might work!  The top of the hat is a single sheet of green tissue paper.  As soon as the leprechaun steps on it, it will give way and he will fall into the canister, with no way to escape.  We made a sign that said "Do Not Climb the Ladder!" because leprechauns are notorious for breaking the rules.

Our "hat" is not actually a hat at all.  It's an empty hot cocoa canister that we covered in green card stock.  We used my Cricut to cut a circle for the brim of the hat, and to make the buckle.  We also used it to make the shamrocks.  The ladder and bucket are from my son's Playmobil set.  If you do not have a little ladder like this available, you can quickly make one using twigs held together with wood glue.

The idea for this leprechaun trap came from the March 2009 issue of the Family Fun Magazine.  They actually used an empty oatmeal container that they covered in green felt.

I'll report back on March 18th and let you know how well our trap worked!  Have a great St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, and don't forget to wear green!


  1. Suni Smith Brandt says:

    Absolutely A+ Adorable !!!

  2. Thank you :)

  3. TOMORROWS ST.PATRICKS DAY AND I DONT HAVE A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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