Sew Easy Stitch Piercer: First Thoughts

Hi everyone!  Yesterday, the mail lady brought me a surprise - the Sew Easy Stitch Piercer from We R Memory Keepers!  I heard about it last summer, and have been anxiously waiting for this little tool to become available.

I do not sew, but I do love the look of hand stitching on cards and layouts.  This tool basically punches guide holes in your card stock, so that you can easily add stitching.  The kit I received had the tool, four different interchangeable stitch piercer heads, 4 cards of embroidery floss, and a pink piercing mat.  It also included a needle, which at first I did not realize because it was hidden safely away in the handle.

Here's the first card I made using the Sew Easy Stitch Piercer. The stitching is in green and is used as a border around the card edges. The flowers were cut from the Cricut Create a Critter cartridge, the sentiment was cut from the Birthday Bash cartridge, and the strips of patterned paper were cut at 3/4" wide using my paper trimmer.

It's very simple to use.  Basically, you decide where you want the stitching on your page, and roll it along, applying firm steady pressure with your index finger.  The hardest part for me was keeping my line straight (but trust me, that's nothing new - I can't even write straight on a chalkboard!). 

I do have a self-healing mat, so I did not think I really needed the piercing mat.  However, the piercing mat is quite a bit thicker and softer than my current mat, which I think is necessary to cleanly punch through the card stock.  I know there are some crafters who do not have the mat, and have improvised - for example, by using the underside of a mousepad.

I actually got the idea for this card from the new Cricut Magazine from Northridge Publishing, which I also received in the mail yesterday.  I am working on writing up a review regarding the magazine, and hopefully, I will have the review posted here within the next few days.

On a final note, if you have the Sew Easy Stitch Piercer tool, I would love to hear what you think about it.  Feel free to leave your thoughts below...


  1. Myrtle Duck says:

    I received the sew easy stitch piercer a couple of days ago and find it very hard to keep it staight. Alsd, sometimes at the edge of the paper at the beginning it sort of crimples the paper. I think I need to practice with it more. I sew-but this will be handy to use away from the sewing machine.

  2. Hi Myrtle,

    I agree – I found it very hard to keep straight. I don’t have a sewing machine yet, so hopefully, this will keep me happy until I can afford one.


  3. Girls, a real easy way to get straight lines – get a decent sized novel and run the tool along the edge of it against the spine (use it as you would with a pencil and ruler). Straight lines every time! xxx

  4. What are you doing with the tail of the thread?

  5. Hi Jean, I taped it behind the stitched card front. I then glued the card front to the actual card, so any stitching and the thread tail was then hidden.

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