Coming Soon – the Cricut Expression 2

As I write this, the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) trade show is taking place in California, and today at the show, the new Cricut Expression 2 was introduced.

This new second generation Expression has a lot of exciting features.  For one, it does not use the overlays, but instead, has a color LCD screen which allows you to select the images, layers, and creative features that you want to cut.

From what I have heard, it uses both the Cricut and the Imagine cutting mats, and although it can't print, it can cut all the images on the Imagine cartridges.  It also saves pressure/speed settings for different types of materials, and has a handy light down near the cutting blade.

The new machine has wifi, and it is gypsy-compatible.  I am not sure if it is compatible with the Design Studio Software. However, on that same topic, Provo Craft has a new online design tool in the works, called the Cricut Craftroom.  The CraftRoom is currently in beta, but when it becomes available, it will be FREE!  It's both PC and MAC compatible.

When I find out more information about either one, I will post an update here.  Until then, here is a quick video I found on YouTube that introduces the new Cricut Expression 2.

After you watch the video, make sure you leave me a quick note in the comments below letting me know what you think!


  1. I think I would love to try this out – I adore my old one, but am always interested in new and improved items

  2. diane auriemma says:

    Honestly, I have the Create and the Expression. I am not impressed with the new gadget at all.

  3. Love IT!! I have the original Cricut, the Expression and the Gypsy, I can NOT wait to own this!! I am glad that we will be able to use the Imagine cartridges as well as the regular ones. Any idea how much this will cost?

  4. I read on the Cricut message board that it will launch on HSN with a price of $399.

  5. I like the idea of no overlays but I would be very interested if this is also compatable to the cricut design studio as I do not have the gypsy and am not interested in buying that at this time but do own the design studio. Also please make the price afforable to those of us who are retired and on a fixed income.

  6. I currently have the smaller Cricut but I am thinking of upgrading and I think the new Expression 2 is the way to go; I also have the Gypsy to work with. It looks really cool and your really captured it on your video. Thanks! I too agree not to pricey otherwise I will be waiting a long long time from now.

  7. Lisa Beaman says:

    I would to have the new e2 does anyone know what the price is yet and when will it be availiable to buy.

  8. Hello, I know Provo Craft has been having legal problems with third party cutting software so do you think the E2 would work with SCAL or MTC?

  9. I am obsessed with anything new, Heaven help me : ( I am going to watch the launch on HSN and of course will probably end up buying it Just like when the Imagine came out : )

  10. rhinestonelady says:

    im really getting angry with cricut, just too many new machines at once, the imagaine and now the e2, each machine is unique to the other, and the reviews to the imagine are not that great, i already have 2 cricuts, and i do not need 4 machines, i was going to order the imagine, but not now. how much money, does cricut, think all us crafters can afford, especially in this economy, it all seems a bit silly and just overdone, then of course, you still have to buy the new carts.yes, i want to stay current, but i also, just read provo is going to do a new launch just about every six months now, just too much money,, i will not be buying any cricut, for at least 18 months, till the kinks are out of imagine, or one machine has all the features, these things are pricey, unless you wait for 2 yrs and the clearance bin on hsn.

  11. I am a bit glad that I did not purchase it today. I clicked it in my “cart” and just like that, it was gone! I think the kinks may be in this LE launch. Hopefully by the time it gets to those of us not able to get it this time, all of the mistakes will have been corrected in the non-LE versions.

  12. I was really tempted to buy one, but I already have an Expression that works. I like a lot of the new features, but right now, I have a long list of carts that I would rather buy.

  13. Have two Cricuts, the original and the Expression. Am happy with both. They do the job for my needs. Tried the Imagine; disliked it immensely as it was too pricey, too bulky, used too much ink, took up too much counter space and I found it difficult & complicated to use. I sent it back to HSN. Now I have purchased the E-2, but because of my budget restrains am returning it too. It may have all the latest techie stuff, but for the price and my needs, not worth the expenditure. Cost to me on HSN was $399.00 plus tax and made the mistake of purchasing the extended electronic warranty. So total was closer to $500.00. Not worth the expenditure. Still too pricey. Like many others, I’ll wait a couple of years, too, before purchasing an upgraded model.

  14. je suis en france et je voudrai bien posseder cette machine mais elle est tres cher et je sais pas ou là trouver. Meme la simple expression il n y a que des site anglais ou americain

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