The Cricut Magazine from Northridge Publishing

Have you heard about the new Cricut Magazine from Northridge Publishing?  It will be available starting in January 2011.  Six issues will be published per year, with each issue consisting of 120 pages of Cricut inspiration, including handmade cards, scrapbook pages, and other crafts.  A one year subscription (6 issues) is $39.95 and a two year subscription (12 issues) is $74.95.  Click the link to find out more about the Cricut Magazine.

I debated for a few days whether to subscribe to this magazine, but I went ahead and did it this morning.  I will post my review when I receive my first issue.  Once in awhile Northridge Publishing does offer coupon codes, but unfortunately, I could not find any that worked.  If I come across any, I will post them here.  I realize that this publication is a bit pricey, and that's why I did not immediately subscribe. 

I am a notorious scraplifter.  Although I love to scrapbook and make cards, creativity does not come to me naturally.  If it were not for blogs, message boards, books and magazines, my supplies would just sit around gathering dust.  Of course, I may not have as many scrapbook supplies as I do, without all the enablers out there!  I am really looking forward to these magazines, because my Cricut is by and far my favorite tool, and hopefully, I will pick up a few more tips, tricks and ideas.

From all the blogs and message boards I visit, I know there are many talented and creative Cricut owners out there.  Now there will a publication where they can submit their projects, and possibly, even get paid for their submissions!  In fact, the Cricut Magazine is already accepting submissions for their April/May 2011 issue.  According to their post, submissions will be accepted until November 16, 2010, and should be focused on the following themes:

Baby, Banners, Birds & Butterflies, Flowers, Graduation, Mother's Day, Springtime, and Woodland Animals.

Click for submission details.

Anyway, I would love to know if anyone else is subscribing or planning to submit their projects.  Leave a comment below to let us know what you think....


  1. helene cranmer says:

    there is a problem with your subscription page. I correctly enetered my credit info but my order was refused.

  2. Tammy Klein says:

    I did go ahead & purchase the 6 month subs. I sure hope it is worth it, like you said the cost is a little extreme to me but have the original cricut, an expression, & a gypsy that don’t get a ton of use because I have 2 small children that seem to need my attention whenever I try to sit down & play with MY toys :) but was hoping this mag would give me some quick ideas I can sneak in every so often..not sure if I will be getting the 1st issue tho because I think I ordered it AFTER the deadline for that issue, may have to pick it up in the store I guess..

  3. Hi Helene,

    You will need to contact Northridge Publishing with your question – I hope they get it worked out for you!

  4. Hi Tammy,

    I have not received the first copy yet, but I keep checking the mail! I know what you mean about the little ones being around – my boys are a little older (5 & 13), but I still have a difficult time finding an hour or two in our busy schedule to play. I use my Gypsy a lot though – I probably have about a dozen projects designed using it, but now I just need to pull out the paper and get cutting!

  5. I ordered this magazine back in November, and I have yet to see the first issue. I am so tempted to buy it at the store, but i know the minute I do the issue will come. Could you please check on my order?

    Thank You,
    Karen Driscoll

  6. JoAnne Dunton says:

    WOW! What a GREAT magazine! The price is well worth the quality and content. Made all my jealous. Look for subscriptions from them!

  7. I ordered this magazine and my credit card has been charged but I haven’t received an issue yet…I think I’ve seen it in the store so I am wondering why I haven’t gotten a copy yet.

  8. Hersheysmom63 says:

    Hi-new to this site! I was wondering if anyone has any ideas (super cool crafty ideas!!!) on what to do with all the cricut cartridge boxes?! I have about 65 cartridges and being a true crafter, can’t throw anything away! Any ideas?

    Thanks! Looking forward to some great answers!

    Also, did anyone get their first Cricut Mag? Thinking about subscribing.

  9. Alejandra Legaspi says:

    I’m paying for my subcription of Cricut Magazine, on line and I haven’t been able to see.
    Where do I go to see it .
    Please help

  10. jeannette stecik says:

    I have been billed twice for the Cricut Magazine and have not yet received one. Please check this for me. If I am not going to receive it soon I would like to cancel my subscription. Please let me know.
    Thank you

  11. Hi Alejandra, I only receive the mailed copy of the magazine, so I’m not sure how you access the online version. You will probably want to contact them directly with your question – their contact page shows that there customer service number is 1-888-225-9199 and their e-mail address is support [at]

  12. Hi Jeannette, My website here is not affiliated with Northridge Publishing. You will need to contact their customer service department. The contact page on their website shows that there customer service number is 1-888-225-9199 and their e-mail address is support [at]

  13. Lenora Sherman says:

    I have been billed for the Cricut Magazine and have not yet received but one issue. I have e-mailed customer service with no reply so I just sent another notice to them. Not great apparently with customer service but good at billling my accoung!

    Please check this for me. If I am not going to receive it soon I would like to cancel my subscription.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you

  14. Machele says:

    Does anything come with this magazine? For the price I cannot believe it is just a paper magazine. Usually with other types of magazines that are pricey like this one they come with samples or a project with all supplies, is that the case with this magazine?

    I would really love to know as I am interested and when I look on their site I really can’t tell if if it includes anything besides a paper magazine.


  15. Hi Machele, Yes, it’s just a paper magazine. I believe they offer a digital version, which is less expensive. I hope that answers your question!

  16. I think the magazine is quite costly and just found out today that your subscribition automatically renews unless you cancel it!!

  17. I didn’t realize that it auto-renewed either until they sent me an email a couple of weeks back. For right now, I canceled – I sent an email and they replied right away. The next time I order the magazine I will probably order by check instead of credit card. I do not like subscriptions that auto-renew.

  18. I purchased two on-line subscriptions in Nov. 2011. I was able to access both of them in December but am not able to get to them now (Feb. 2012). I am also unable to get to the on-line support that they have listed. Did my $13.90 go down the drain? I hope not. I’ll call the 822 number to see if some can assist. I loved what I saw, and used some of thie ideas for Christmas. Big hit with my family and friends. I want to use for Valentine’s and Thanks You’s and the like. Come on Cricut!

  19. Hi Andrea, I hope you get it all worked out with them. I don’t get the digital subscriptions, so unfortunately, I can’t offer much in the way of advice…

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