Cricut Candy Bar Wrappers

Hey everyone!  I made a trio of Christmas-themed Cricut candy bar wrappers this week.  My favorite is the penguin - he's just too cute!  However, I am making these for my youngest son's kindergarten class for Christmas, and he really digs Rudolph.

So, what do you think?  Which is your favorite?

All three were very easy to make, and I have included the Gypsy files at the bottom of this page if you want to download them.  However, you really don't need a pattern for these candy bar wrappers - they are that simple to make!

Rudolph Candy Bar Wrapper

Rudolph was made using the Gypsy Wanderings and Font cartridges, although really you could use George, Plantin Schoolbook, or any cart that has circles to create this little guy.  His eyes are 0.75" circles, eyeballs are 0.25", snout is a 1.75" circle, and his red nose is a 1.25" circle.

His antlers are made from two pipe cleaners.  One pipe cleaner is folded in half and tucked inside the candy wrapper.  I cut the second pipe cleaner into four sections and wrapped each around the first pipe cleaner.

Penguin Candy Bar Wrapper

The penguin was made using Create a Critter.  His body is a sheet of black card stock cut to 5-1/4" x 5-3/4".  I used the layer 1 creative feature to cut the white face, and layer 2 to cut his beak and feet.  On the Gypsy, these were cut at 2.65" - without the Gypsy, you could probably cut them at 2.5" to 2.75".

I also used my Gypsy to weld a longer belly on him.  He would probably look fine without the longer belly, but without the Gypsy, you could always cut an oval or similar shape and glue it on, using the scarf to hide the cut lines.

Snowman Candy Bar Wrapper

Finally, we have the snowman.  I made him using the emoticons and emoticons layer features on the new Smiley Cards cartridge.  His carrot nose is just a triangle that I cut freehand from orange card stock.  I actually plan on making some other snowmen using these emoticons.  They have so much personality!

As far as the scarves and hats, they were also very easy to make.  Here's a video tutorial from Kerry's Paper Crafts that will show you how to make these:

For mine, I picked up the blue fleece from the remnant bin at my local Wal-Mart.  I don't have a sewing machine, so instead of stitching the fleece as Kerry does in her video, I used Heat & Bond Ultra Hold.  I bought a big roll of it for around $2.00 at Wal-Mart.  Instead of floral wire, I used Goody hair bands to secure the top of the hats.  I purchased a pack of 250 (again at Wal-Mart) for $1.00.

Gypsy Candy Bar Wrapper Template Downloads

If you have the Gypsy, here are the candy bar wrapper templates for all three for you to download:

On the Gypsy screen, the first tab for each file is one complete set.  The second, third, and fourth tabs (and so on) are the pieces broken out by color.

If you have any questions about these Cricut candy bar wrappers, just leave a comment below.  Also, don't forget to leave a comment letting me know what you think!


  1. These little critters are absolutely adorable!! I love this idea and plan on making some this season!! Thanks so much for sharing this!!

    Java Jen

  2. Hi Java Jen,

    Thanks for stopping by – glad you like them! I just stopped by your blog, and wow, love the albums and mini books you have made!

  3. Can the Gypsy file be used on Design Studio? I don’t have a Gypsy :(

  4. Hi Felicita,

    I am sure you could make something very similar using Design Studio. To design these, I used the Gypsy to make a rectangle the size of the Hershey bar I was using – you could do the same thing with Design Studio. I then used this rectangle to determine how large I needed to make the cutouts. In my instructions above, I also tried to give estimated dimensions, that way if someone wanted to make these without using the Gypsy, they could. Hope that helps!

  5. Hi,
    I tried to download the templates to my gypsy and I couldn’t. Could you help me……

  6. I also had trouble downloading the templates. Could you help me too?
    Do you have a bunny for easter yet?

  7. Hi Esther and Cathy,

    Have you downloaded files to your Gypsy before? If not, here is a link to some instructions that might help:

    The instructions are a little outdated because they were written prior to the new CricutSync software – however, I think they should still help.

    Cathy, I do not have a bunny yet, but that’s a great idea! Easter will be here before we know it. As soon as I get a bunny candy wrapper put together, I will be sure to post it here on my website.


  8. sachinmenon says:

    please sent the applique cutting machine catlog ane price

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