Cricut Imagine Making Its HSN Debut on September 14th

In just one more week (on September 14th), the new Cricut Imagine will be making its big debut on HSN.  Here in my time zone (Eastern Daylight Time), the world launch is scheduled for midnight.  I am usually asleep by then, so I have already set up my DVR to record the show, that way I can watch it when I get up in the morning.

Actually, it looks like HSN has a lot of good programming for that day - Tim Holtz, Martha Stewart Crafts, Anna Griffin, and more, for a total of 24 hours of scrappy programming. 

Will I be jumping on the Cricut Imagine bandwagon?  I really don't know.  In one corner, I think being able to cut and print at the same time is a great thing and will be a huge timesaver.  When I scrapbook, one of the things that I struggle with most is paper selection.  This seems like it would make that process much simpler.

I also live about half an hour away from the nearest scrapbooking stores.  If I need something to finish a layout, I really have to think twice about hopping in the car to go pick up more paper.  Oh, the joys of rural living!

On the other hand, I am not so sure about using ink cartridges for scrapbooking.  I am hearing that the black cartridge will retail for $34.95 and the color for $39.95.  They are saying that you can get fifty to seventy-five 11-1/2" x 11-1/2" full sheets of color (and double that amount for partial sheets) before needing to replace the ink cartridges.

So, it's a dilemma, one that I am sure not only I am facing, but many of you are too.  I am a thrifty spender when it comes to my scrapbooking hobby.  I am always on the lookout for good deals.  One of these days, when I can find it for a great deal, I may end up with a Cricut Imagine in my scrapbooking room, but for now, I will just wait to see how others are using it.

In that regard, Cricut has already handed out a few test machines for use by a few bloggers.  If you want to get a sneak peek at this machine and its feature before the big HSN launch, here a couple of places to take a look at:

Joy and Melanie at Everyday Cricut put together a spooktacular layout using the Cricut Imagine and the new Happy Hauntings cartridge.  It's really cool, but then again, everything they do is!

Robyn at MyPinkStamper
put together a cute layout using the Imagine.  I really liked how she made the frame for one  of the pictures in her layout.  According to her post, the page went together quickly because she didn't have to look through her patterned paper and cardstock.

Well, will you also be tuning in on September 14th to see the launch of the Cricut Imagine?  Any other thoughts about this new machine?  I would love to hear your comments - just leave a quick not below!


  1. I am on the fence on this machine as well. it is a technical advance. but over at she has a tutorial on how to print and cut and it looks great. she uses the Make the Cut software and her regular printer along with her cricut machine. you need to take a look at her tutorial.

  2. mary stanley says:

    I will be one of the first ones on the phone. I have had all the machines and think this one is the bomb. To be able to cut out already colored items for layering without having to change papers all the time. I can only see how much more I can get done on my cardmaking. If I could pre order it on hsn I would have already done so.

  3. Sandy, Thanks for the information about – her work is fabulous! I checked out the tutorial (genius!). Unfortunately, I have never figured out Photoshop. I think I need to take a class though. If I could use Photoshop with my Cricut, that would definitely be worthwhile. Hmmm, the wheels in my brain are turning!

    Mary, Oh you lucky girl! I have been debating all weekend about what I should do – I really want this machine, but then again, I already have so many tools in my craft room. However, I do think the Imagine will be a huge timesaver, so it’s very tempting…

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