Cricut Paper Piecing with the QuickStik Tool

QuickStik ToolHave you heard about the QuickStik Tool?  If not, I have included a little picture of it over on the left, and I have a short post here to fill you in on all the details.

Although I love my Cricut (don't ever take it away from me!), one of the things that I dislike is all the paper piecing that is necessary to make some of the more detailed die cuts.  I usually just use my tweezers to pick up all the little paper pieces and glue them down, but I have always thought there should be a better way.  Well, there was - I just didn't know about it!

You may or may not have heard of QuicKutz.  They are another manufacturer of scrapbook tools and die cut equipment.  They have a handy little item called the QuickStik Tool.  Here's a link to the QuicKutz website, where they sell it:

You can also find it at many of the online scrapbook stores, as well as Archiver's and Hobby Lobby.  Also, you may want to check with your local scrapbook stores to see if they have it in stock or can special order it for you.

I have heard it referred to as a "quicker picker upper" or as a "third hand", and I think both descriptions are great!  Basically, one end has a sticky putty substance that is perfect for picking up and placing cutouts.  The other end has a sharp point that can be used to help poke out die cuts.  

It's great for working with all those little layer pieces, but it can also be used for the bigger cutouts too.  When I used tweezers or my hands to hold the pieces, I inevitably ended up with glue on my hands.  My craft area is down in the basement, so I then have to make a trip upstairs to wash my hands, to avoid getting glue on anything I didn't want it on.  This "quicker picker upper" really takes care of that problem, so I can spend more time crafting and less time walking up and down the stairs!

Well, I promised to keep this short, and I'm already rambling on and on.  So I will wrap this up, but if you want to find out even more about the QuickStik Tool, take a look at  At the time I'm writing this, they have 24 reviews, and a few more ideas regarding how this handy little tool can be used.  Here's the link...

And of course, if you have the QuickStik Tool, I would love to hear your thoughts about it - just leave a comment below...

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