The Yummy Cricut Sweet Treats Cartridge

Have you added the Cricut Sweet Treats cartridge to your collection yet?  It's packed full of goodies, and even has creative features which can be used to cut individual party favor and cupcake boxes.  How perfect for Valentine's Day!

Of course, Valentine's Day isn't the only celebration it's perfect for!  In fact, it makes an even better birthday cartridge.  With all the cakes and cupcakes, ice cream cones and hats, presents, and flowers that it can cut, it's ideal for making die cut shapes for handmade birthday cards, decorations, and scrapbook layouts.

Here's a quick (less than a minute!) video from Provo Craft for even more ideas...

In addition to the shapes, it has a good variety of phrases that can be cut with it too:

  • happy birthday
  • that takes the cake
  • ready, set, blow
  • hip, hip, hooray
  • have your cake and eat it too
  • make a wish
  • sprinkled with fun
  • may all your wishes come true

As for creative features, I already mentioned that the Cricut Sweet Treats cartridge makes cupcake holders and party favor boxes.  These are adorable!  However, it also creates tags and cards, and has layers and shadow/blackout features, to make the perfect finishing touches for all the die cut goodies.

I was going to wrap this up here, but while we are on the topic of "sweets", there is a little mystery that I wanted to share with you.  The semi-annual Craft and Hobby Show (CHA) is about a week away, and many of the craft manufacturers introduce new products at the show.  Provo Craft is one of them, and on their Cricut website, they have a banner stating: "Something sweet is coming to the Cricut family."  It goes on to state that it will be premiering live at CHA, and that you won't want to miss out on this treat!

Several people on the message board are guessing as to what this "something sweet" might be, and it makes for entertaining reading.  Here's a link to the thread:  I really have no idea what it is, but we will find out soon!

Anyway, sorry to get so off topic!  Getting back to the Cricut Sweets cartridge, it's great - and it makes a truly calorie-free cupcake (New Years Resolutions - don't get me started!).  All this talk about cake and ice cream, I'm starting to get dangerously hungry, so I'm ending it here.  I would love to hear what you think of this cartridge, so before you go, make sure you leave a quick comment below!


  1. sweet treats would be a great cart to use with cake cricut the new machine introduced at CHA.

  2. Sandy, It would! I also love the cartridge that comes with the new Cricut cake machine. I hope they release it separately for all of us paper crafters!

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