Start the New Year with Cricut Designer’s Calendar

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The Cricut Designer's Calendar cartridge is perfect for anyone who has ever thought about making handmade calendars. Personally, I have always thought about making these as gifts for friends and family (and for myself!), but the idea of creating a page for every month of the year was a little overwhelming. Not anymore! With this cartridge, you can let your die cut machine do all the work, cutting out the names and days of the month and week, as well as making die cuts for the special occasions and holidays that happen throughout the year.

Quick side note:  CLICK HERE for instructions on how to make the August layout on the left.

In addition to making calendars, this cartridge has many other uses. The creative features include two different fonts and coordinating shadows, which can be used as titles for scrapbook layouts and other projects.

Speaking of scrapbook layouts, this cartridge is also perfect for that use! Instead of making a calendar to keep track of all your activities for the month, you can use it to create layouts commemorating all the special events that happened throughout the year, complete with photos. The calendar grid cutout is also perfect for creating photo and journaling mosaic layouts.

With the holidays behind us, I am anxious to start playing with this cartridge. I have been spending some time browsing the Cricut message board for ideas and tips, and here's a couple recommendations that I picked up there...

What's the best way to bind the calendars?

If you have a Zutter Bind It All machine, it's perfect for putting together calendars. You can pick up a Bind It All in the $50-$60 range, but if you don't have one, you can also take your calendars to an office supply store. Most will bind them together for around $5.00 each.

Is there an easy way to reuse the calendars from year to year?

It's easy to make reusable calendars. First, make a calendar page for each month, except omit the numbers. Purchase a frame with glass based on the size of your calendar, and place the appropriate month in the frame. Make vinyl numbers that can be repositioned on the glass, and then "write" on the calendar (actually the glass) using dry erase markers to keep track of appointments and important dates. At the beginning of each new month, remove the numbers, wipe off the glass, and you're good to go for a new month! You could also do the same thing, but instead of using a frame, laminate the pages.

Well, I guess I will wrap this up right now (in other words, my four year old is losing patience with me!). Anyway, if you have the Cricut Designer's Calendar cartridge and have found time to make something with it, I would love to hear your ideas. Just leave a comment below...


  1. I am on winter break right now and I finally got a chance to play with my Designer Calendar. What I decided to do was to purchase a scrapcalendar from hobbylobby. This way the grid is there already. And what I have done is fill in the dates and added emblishments. During each month I am going to take pictures and my favorites I will add to the calendar. at the end of the year I can cut the binding out and I will have 12 nice scrapbook pages for 2010.

  2. Hi Sandy,

    That’s a great idea – and a great way to keep up on the scrapbooking too! This is also a good way for those who have the smaller machines to use this cartridge. I was wondering if it would be worthwhile if you didn’t have the Expression, since it would be impossible to cut a calendar grid that was large enough to use, but your idea is a great solution – thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Dawn,

    I have the Create machine. The grid wont work for me. My sis suggested making smaller calendars but I wanted to do a two for one; scrapbook pages and calendar pages. I love this cartridge. You could use it for unusual greeting cards. You can make mardi gras party invitations. Or you could do an Earth Day card for that especially eco-friendly

  4. Alanna Gilcrease says:

    I was going to make December’s calendar and instead of the round circles it shows on the back of the box I was going to do the round tags like November’s example and use metal hooks to hang them on the tree like ornaments!

  5. Hi Sandy and Alanna,

    Thanks for the ideas! Earth Day is coming up, isn’t it! Any excuse to make cards is a good excuse – lol! Alanna, I love your Christmas ornament idea – I’m putting it on my “to craft” list for next holiday season…

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