Have You Heard About the Cricut Rewards Program?

Have you purchased any new cartridges lately? If so, there's a good chance there was a Cricut rewards voucher tucked into the package. I have collected a few of these, and just recently took the time to find out what I could get with them.

Usually, when I find vouchers like these, I toss them, thinking that it's just another way for the manufacturer to get me on the mailing list. Well, I'm already on Provo Craft's email list, so luckily, I tucked them away until I could take the time to look into it further.

As a side note, if you do toss a voucher before redeeming it (or if it wasn't included in your purchase), you can re-create it. Just visit the FAQ section on the CricutRewards.com website for instructions.

There are actually some fairly good freebies you can "purchase" with the Cricut rewards. The one downside is that you will need to pay shipping and handling, and from what I have heard, this is fairly pricey (i.e. $14.95 for a t-shirt). You will also need to create a separate account, even if you already have one set up on the main Cricut website or message board. I know - it's a pain in the you-know-what, but it just might be worthwhile, especially if you have been wanting to get your hands on any of the exclusive cartridges that you normally can't purchase.

Anyway, here's a look at what you can currently get with your Cricut rewards:

200 points

Ladies T-shirts
Office Help cartridge

400 points

Designer Apron
Daisy Chain cartridge
Keystone cartridge

800 points

Accent Essentials
Sampler cartridge
Don Juan
George & Basic Shapes
Plantin Schoolbook

I'm sure the Cricut rewards offerings will change over time, so the best way to see what is available is by taking a look at their website.

Finally, here's a list showing the current points value included with the different cartridges...

Cricut Rewards


  1. Carolyn Keaton says:

    I have purchased 32 cartridges since Christmas and only 12 have rewards. Is there a reason all of the programs did not have a certificate?

    8 should have had 100 rewards each
    7 should have had 90 rewards each
    3 should have had 50rewards each

    the rest are listed above

  2. According to the Cricut Rewards FAQ, you should be able to still enter the carts into the rewards system. Here are their instructions:

    I purchased an eligible cartridge but it did not have a Cricut Reward certificate inside. How do I obtain my Cricut Rewards for this cartridge?

    If you do not have Cricut Reward certificates for an eligible cartridge purchased in 2008 or later, please go to http://www.cricutrewards.com. Click on the link on the left navigation bar that reads “Redeem Cricut Rewards”. You will have to create an account or login to your account. Please note that any accounts/logins/passwords from http://www.cricut.com will NOT work on the Cricut Rewards site.

    Once you are logged in to your account, you will find a link toward the top of the page that reads “Redeem Cricut Rewards”. Click on that link and a pop-up window will appear. Then click on the link that reads “Click here for a sample certificate” and you will find directions on how to make a Cricut Reward certificate request for any you may be missing.

    Once you begin that process, if you are unable to provide the required information to process your request, you will need to contact rewards@cricut.com by email or by phone (toll free) 877-7CRICUT (274288).

  3. Lillian Carie says:

    why is everything so diffcult to get thru to by things.

  4. Barbara Bond says:

    I purchased Winter Woodland and From my Kitchen with rewards coupons. I also purchased Life is a Beach for my daughter and there was no coupon.

    How do I get a coupon for this one.

  5. Hi Barbara,

    Check out comment #2 above – it explains how to make a replacement certificate…

  6. I have two rewards 50 for each What do I do now?

  7. Hi Jenny,

    You can register at the Cricut Rewards website: http://www.cricutrewards.com. You can either redeem the points or keep accumulating them until you find something you want on the rewards website.

  8. Jolene says:

    I purchased 3 cricut cartridges in 2009 and 4 in 2010 along with a Jukebox and none of them had rewards coupons. I tried going to t he cricutrewards. com site and I’m still not able to get them listed. What gives?

  9. having difficulty in finding my account so that i can add my new purchase points



  11. Dorothy Mondou says:

    recieved as a christmas gift

  12. Veronica Milich says:

    I WAS excited to get my Cricut back in 2006. However, 5 years have come and gown and I can’t seem to
    get the hang of this. Everywhere I go for help, (by internet) I geat nothing, nothing at all but a run around.
    Go here, go there. go back here. go back there, try this, try that. bla bla bla. To add insult to injury I had to pay $35.00 for an instructuon book that should have come with the product. And still there are no answers, no DIRECT ANSWERS to any of my questions. I also noticed that in some of the comments
    made by others I see there is a lot of frustration out there. Does anyone over there know what their doing? I’m afraid to ask, but do you have any suggestions on where to go for some REAL, PRODUCTIVE HELP?
    Incase you havent noticed a lot of people are paying a lot of money for your paroduct, and I haven’t found
    ANYONE that knows how to use it and all the so called things that you claim it can do.
    If I can’t get any answers from you, maybe the BBB would like to look into this.
    Please don’t send me any more promises you can’t keep. I want results.

    By trial and error I believe I have figured out the basics. But I can’t get what you think is so simple to do
    to work. Such as: Oen an account to register rewards,
    Use my rewards,
    Get the computer prograham for the design studio to work,
    Register my Cricut,
    This could be a GREAT Product if it worked. Again I can’t find anyone that knows how to work most of the
    features youd directions and manuals say it can do.
    Do you know anyone who knows how to work this machine completely or not?????????????????
    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I’m sure that there will be a great deal of laughs around the office about this letter.
    Sincerely not happy at the moment

  13. Veronica, I had the same problem with my Cricut. I had it for about 1 year and never really figured out the full potential of what it can really do! I would suggest going to mypinkstamper.com
    Robyn is really good with showing you all you can do with the cricut and she even has a few DVD’s that you can purchase for about $15. She definitely helped me out and her projects are adorable as well! Hope this helps!!

  14. Hi Veronica,

    I am not affiliated with Cricut. I am not sure if this is a re-post of a letter that you sent to them. If not, you should send it to their customer service dept. Their contact information should be on cricut.com or provocraft.com.

    The Cricut does have a little bit of a learning curve to get started. When I first bought mine, I watched a lot of YouTube videos to learn about the many different features and how to use them. I also joined their message board (at community.provocraft.com). There are many helpful people there, and if you have a specific question, it is a good place to get answers and input.

    Kayla is also right – Robyn at MyPinkStamper.com is awesome. Check out her YouTube channel for some really great tutorials.


  15. having a hard time finding a clear answer anywhere, including on the cricut site…i know the circle costs a ton of money, but is CRICUT REWARDS free to sign up and use? someone PLEASE answer this for me

  16. Hi Jess, The rewards program is for all Cricut owners, not just Circle members. I believe Circle members get special bonuses (i.e. double rewards, etc.), but they are not the only ones who can use the rewards site.

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