Cooking Up Some Fun with the Cricut From My Kitchen Cartridge

I bought the new Cricut From My Kitchen cartridge yesterday, and after taking a look at everything it could do, I could not wait to start "cooking" up something with it.  Unfortunately, I have been so busy playing taxi driver for my two kids, I haven't had much time to play lately.  However, I was able to put together a quickie card.  Here it is...

Card Made with Cricut From My Kitchen Cartridge

As you can probably tell, it was super simple to put together.  I cut the phone at four inches, and used my computer and printer to print out the "keep in touch" message on the right.  It doesn't get any easier than that, does it!

I am soooo loving this cartridge, and have about a hundred more ideas of how to use it.  I'm fortunate to have several good cooks in the family, so I think I might use it to make a few Christmas gifts.  If (and when) I do, I will be sure to post the pics of anything that I make with it here.

The pictures that are available on Cricut's main website really do not show off all that this cartridge can do.  The ones that I came across highlighted the different retro-styled shapes that you could make with it - which, by the way, are absolutely adorable! However, the Cricut From My Kitchen cartridge does so much more...

I decided to take a couple of pictures of my handbook to show you all the words that you can cut using the creative features, as well as the tabs feature, which lets you make recipe cards and tabbed dividers.  Here they are:

From My Kitchen Cartridge - Words

These are all the words that the Cricut From My Kitchen cartridge can cut using the creative features.  As you can see, there are a lot!  These words can also be embedded in oval shapes, and there is a feature that makes solid ovals that you can use to back these up.

Cricut From My Kitchen - Recipe Cards and Tabs

You can also make tabbed dividers and recipe cards with this cartridge.  The tabs can be embellished lots of different ways.  I haven't played with any of these yet, but I will be soon!

Click here to see more pictures of the From My Kitchen Cricut cartridge...

Well, that about wraps up this post.  As always, if you have any comments (or questions) to add, you can do so by leaving a note below.


  1. lisa kingan says:

    where can i find more projects using this cartridge??love this cartridge

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Check out the Cricut message board. There are some wonderful ideas there…

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