Make a 3-D Village with the Cricut Winter Woodland Cartridge

Cricut Winter Woodland CartridgeWhen I heard that Provo Craft was releasing the Cricut Winter Woodland cartridge, my first thought was that I really didn't need another Christmas themed cart.  Of course, one look at what this one could do, and I knew I was completely wrong!

Although I like the cutout shapes and fonts on this cartridge, what I really love about it is that I can make an entire 3-D Christmas village with it - what fun!  I have always enjoyed putting together gingerbread houses (and I'm also a big collector of the Department 56 Snow Villages).  I am more than a little happy that the kids and I can now use the Cricut to make a paper crafty village.  I think it will also be great for making Christmas ornaments, as well as using as a template for our gingerbread houses!

Of course, with Halloween just around the corner, I don't think we are going to wait until December to start playing with this one.  The 3-d houses on this cartridge provide the perfect base to make a creepy Halloween scene for the mantel.  I can't wait to get started!  Hopefully I will have some pics to post soon...

In addition to the 3-D houses, the Cricut Winter Wonderland cartridge provides a lot of other die cut fun!  It can be used to also make 3-D Christmas trees and snowmen, as well as one dimensional cutout shapes of snowflakes, winter hats and mittens, ice skates, reindeer, woodland critters, and phrases.  An upper and lowercase font with letters is included as part of the creative features, as well as tag and card features.  

By the way, I love receiving comments here!  If you already have the Cricut Winter Wonderland cartridge (or plan to buy it), I would love to hear what kind of projects you are using it for - just leave a quick note below...


  1. Dorothy Curry says:

    OK now I can not wait until mine comes in. 3D houses. OH my can not wait. And I just wanted the houses to cut out our vinyl to make a border….. Oh I see a village on my walls of my kitchen.

  2. Claudia Mathews says:

    My cartridge is in the mail right now. I already made a lot of big ornaments with the Christmas Cheer and the Christmas cartridge, but I did not even think about making 3D houses. That is an awsome idea. We have to decorate our department, and I bet you we will win a prize this year.

  3. OMG!!! I went to the Big Michaels sale and saw this cartridge but I thought it was just another christmas one. oh no, i missed out at getting the cartridge at 39.99. :( Well keep me posted as to when Michaels will have another sale.

  4. Judy Cameruci says:

    I just received my Winter Woodlands cart last week. I am trying to start the village but my cricut will not cut on the 24″ mat. I have the mat size set on the machine. I started the cutting at 24″ and worked down 1/4 ” at a time. It went to 16 without cutting and I figured it should have started cutting by then. Is there something else I have not done that I should? This is so frustrating. Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Judy

  5. angelika bertrand says:

    To all you cricut fans. I just got my cricut expression. Yeah! I am struggelin. I would love to create some Christmas villages with Church buildings from winter wonderland. Can any one enlighten me as how to do that? I am new to the Cricut. Also is there an online Cricut community? THanks Happy Holidays

  6. Hi Judy,

    I must have missed your comment, so I apologize on my late response. Just keep going down 1/4″ – you’re probably getting close! Here’s a discussion on the Cricut message board that will probably help:

    Hi Angelika,

    You will love your new Cricut – it’s so much fun! The houses are a tough project, but check out my response to Judy above – hopefully that will get you started. The message board is my favorite Cricut online community. Be prepared to spend some time there – you will get a ton of ideas:

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