What is the Cricut Gypsy?

So, what exactly is a Cricut Gypsy?  Although it might resemble a Nintendo DS or PSP, this handheld gizmo isn't for the kiddos!

Cricut Gypsy

We will have to wait just a little bit longer before it's available to buy.  In the meantime, our friends over at Provo Craft have been having a lot of fun building up the anticipation, even leaving daily clues on their website during the month of July.

In case you missed the clues, here they are...

"This thing's kind of touchy, but it never gets mad."

"Roam if you want to, roam around the world."

"You may have to power down during takeoff."

"Colors, shapes, designs. Oh, My!"

"Now you can create on the go, anywhere."

"Carry all your cartridges at once!"

"Power it on and you're on a design road trip."

"The crop will be redefined."

"This thing knows how to easily locate all your art."

"Like doing things your way? You'll love this."

"Cricut designs no longer require a mouse."

"Designed to become one with your hand."

"Sleek, smart, sexy. Imagine when you turn it on."

"Your creative design space just got redefined."

"No more lugging your cartridge totes."

"The latest art for Cricut in the palm of your hand."

"Plugged or unplugged, you decide."

"No more flipping through binders."

They also started a website at Rogue Gypsies detailing their "problems" getting back 10 of the 13 prototypes from their crafty beta testers.  If you have ever watched any of the bounty hunter shows, it's a spoof on one of those.  Donnie K. (not sure if he's a bounty hunter in real life) unsuccessfully pursues the crafters who have been beta testing the Cricut Gypsy prototypes.  He's easily outsmarted, and in the three episodes I have seen, he hasn't been able to successfully retrieve any of the devices.

It's all very entertaining, but none of it really tells exactly what the Cricut Gypsy is and why anyone would want one.  I have been doing a little digging, and here is what I have found out so far...

If you love using Design Studio to customize your die cuts, it's a definite must-have!  It allows you to do the same thing as Design Studio (and more), except it's portable.  It's 8-1/2 inches long, about 4 inches tall, and weighs around 11 ounces.  It is battery operated.  The batteries will last about four hours when used continuously, and much longer when used intermittently.  It also can be plugged in to either an electrical outlet or into your vehicle.  However, I believe the vehicle charger is an optional accessory and will need to be purchased separately.

Like the Design Studio Software, the Cricut Gypsy will allow you to modify the cutouts - you can resize them, rotate and stretch them, flip them horizontally and vertically, and weld them.  Any custom cutouts you design can be saved and stored directly on the device.

However, that's not all!  You can also load all your cartridge content onto the Gypsy, and instead of using your cartridges, you can plug the device directly into your machine and make all of your cuts.  You can do this without the use of your manual or keypad overlay.  These are all stored within the device's interface, and you will use it to select the cuts you want to make.  You will also be able to search all the images you have (and don't have) using this device.

Early on, there were some rumors that if you loaded the content from your cartridges on to the Cricut Gypsy, that it would erase the cartridges (apparently to prevent people from sharing cartridges).  However, these were just rumors, and you will still be able to use your cartridges even after loading the content onto the device.  However, to prevent people from sharing cartridges, when you link the cartridges to your Gypsy, it will copy your device's unique serial number to your cartridge.  You will not be able to successfully link the cartridge to any other Gypsy devices after linking to your own.  Long story short, if you plan to get one of these, don't loan out your cartridges!

The Provo Craft website also mentioned that the "Gypsy is expandable to bring you features that are already in the works".  There is a photo application in the works, which will allow you to view your photographs on the device.  However, I'm not sure what the other features are, but as soon as I know, I will let you in on it!  As a side note, that's why the Cricut is my absolute favorite die cutting device.  I thought the Baby Bug was great when it was first introduced, but every time I turn around, things just keep getting better - and the versatility of this die cut line keeps growing!

For updates, the Gypsy does connect to your computer.  It's compatible with both PC's and MAC's.

I have not heard any "official" word yet on the price or the release date of the Cricut Gypsy.  The "unofficial" word is that it will cost around $300.  However, included in that price are two exclusive cartridges.  I have heard that it will be released at the end of August, so it doesn't sound like we will have to wait too long for it.  If you want to be one of the first ones to get it, there are some places that are taking pre-orders.

Finally, I did come across a great video which shows how to use this gadget.  Click here to see the Cricut Gypsy video.

If I find out anything more about it, I will post updates here.  Of course, if you know anything about this new device that's not covered here, please share by leaving a comment!


  1. http://www.provocraft.com/gypsy/test-drive.html
    Shows a whole video about the Gypsy and how to use it! No more mystery!

  2. I know you can pre-order at Michael’s. They have moved the relase date to some time in sept., but if you order a Gypsy online it will take longer because all stores are suppose to be the first drop off. The gyspy also holds 7000 cartriges (they do not even have that many out yet makes me wonder),and it holds 10,000+ of your custom designs on it. I am so excited but very nervous about ordering just yet. I am also reading the card I got from Michael’s so yes it says 7000 cartridges and so on.

  3. Hi Gayla,

    Thanks for the info…

    7000 cartridges – can you imagine! I already have a tough time deciding from the 100 or so that are available :)


  4. Hi, I just wanted to let anyone who purchased the gyspy know that it is NOT compatible with all macs. I have the os10 which provocraft said was all that was needed. I received my gypsy and it is not compatible with my mac. The reason is I have version 10.4 and you need version 10.5 to use the gypsy. Total bummer, I called apple and they do not even make that version now. I will have to spend 170 and buy the new version which is 10.6 and there is no guarantee that even that will work. I am really dissapointed. Provo craft has no clue what is going on and I am sure that once others in my situation call them, they are going to realize they have a problem on there hands. They clearly stated it was compatible with os10 and now it clearly is not. So beware if you are a mac owner, check what version you have before you buy the gypsy!!!

  5. I havent yet purchased a gyspy, but was wondering if you download load the cartridges into the gyspy can you still use them directly into the cricut?
    I understand you cannot download them in more than one gyspy.

  6. Hi Patsy,

    Yes, they can still be used directly on your Cricut – you just can’t use them in another Gypsy.

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