Card Making with the Cricut Don Juan Cartridge

This coming weekend is a big birthday weekend in my family, and since I had the Cricut Don Juan cartridge out, I thought now would be a good time to talk about it.

However, first I will show you the card I made for my dad, who's turning 60.  It's amazing how the Cricut can even help someone like me, who has two left thumbs when it comes to anything artsy, come up with something halfway decent.

To make this card, I used my machine, as well as a couple of other tools.  All the die cuts - the letters and numbers, the tag, and the flourish - were cut using the Don Juan cartridge.  

I inked the edges of the tag and ran it through my Fiskars paper crimper to give it some dimension.  I love the look of textured paper, and have been so far successful in resisting the urge to buy a Cuttlebug, using my Fiskars instead.  However, I don't think I will be able to hold out for much longer.  It's amazing how much character using textured papers can add to a project, and the Cuttlebug is a must if you want to emboss your paper and card stock.

The letters and numbers were also both inked.  In order to add more dimension to them, I used the shadow feature to cut out additional die cuts to back them.  For the finishing touch, I added some inexpensive paper fasteners.  It was an easy card to make, and really, if you are just getting started, you should have no problem putting together something similar.

As I mentioned, I used the Cricut Don Juan cartridge to make this card.  It comes exclusively with the Create machine, but you can purchase it separately by shopping on eBay.  Sometimes you can also find it on Craigslist, and once in a while, someone will it offer it for sale on the various scrapbooking message boards.

The graphics were designed by Cecelia Harris, who has also worked on many other carts, including the new Lyrical Lettering cartridge.

The font is an intriguing mix of upper and lowercase letters.  At first, I didn't like this about it - I wanted to be able to cut both.  However, it's really grown on me, and now I like the quirkiness of combining both upper and lowercase letters.  

Using the creative features, the font can be given a lot of different looks.  Under Pressure and Under Pressure Shadow will make it short and squatty.  Puzzled will embed the shapes in a puzzle shaped die cut, and Marquee will put them in a rectangular shape.  Stitched puts the shapes in square box, and gives them a stitched look - although I have not tried this yet, it might be fun to embellish using a thread and needle.  There are a couple of foundation keys included so that you can layer the die cuts made using the creative features, backing them with a solid image to make them stand out.

There are a ton of simple shapes on this cartridge - hearts, arrows, snowflakes, hands, flowers, stars, tags, flourishes and more.  It also includes several phrases (that are great for card making), including "Hooray for You", "You Did It!", "Thanks" and "Oh Happy Day".

I'm really glad I have the Cricut Don Juan cartridge in my collection.  Like it or leave it - I would love to hear what you think about it...

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