Introducing the Cricut Sports Mania Cartridge

Cricut Sports Mania CartridgeIf you have not heard about the Cricut Sports Mania Cartridge, I have all the nitty gritty details right here. So, put down that basketball and take a seat - I will fill you in...

So, what sports are available on this cartridge?

You know, a better question might be what sporting events are not included, just because this cartridge has a wide range of shapes for several athletic activities, including die cuts for both equipment and silhouette, as well as popular phrases. Here is a small sample of what you will find:

* Football: football, helmet, "Touch Down"

* Basketball: basketball, court, backboard with net, "Swoosh" & "Hoops"

* Baseball and Softball: mitt, bat, "Batter Up", "Play Ball"

* Soccer: soccer ball, "Kick This"

* Hockey: hockey puck, ice skates, "Slam!"

* Volleyball: volleyball, net, "I Dig VB"

* Swimming: "Making a Splash"

* Golf: golf ball, tee, "Golf Addicted"

* Track: "A Need for Speed"

* Tennis: tennis racquet, ball, "Tennis Anyone"

* General: trophy, water bottle, clipboard, score board, jersey, pennant

Whew! As long as that list is, it's far from complete. There is more, including die cuts for even karate and wrestling.

What creative features are included?

Make the most of the Cricut Sports Mania cartridge with the six included creative features:

Layer: The layer feature adds lots of details to your die cuts.
Frame: The frame feature adds a little jazz to the cutouts by framing them.
Border: Welds three cutouts together to form a border (looks great in scrapbooks!)
Background: Turns the images into a background
Shadow: Cuts the images slightly larger, creating a shadow when you layer the images
Blackout: Also used for layering, the blackout feature will fill in any open spaces on your die cut to make the details really pop

Where can the Cricut Sports Mania Cartridge be purchased?

This particular cartridge is a Michael's exclusive and retails for $89.99. However, I have seen a few places online that are selling it. You can also comparison shop for the Cricut Sports Mania cartridge right here.

Well, that about wraps it up! Let me know what you think about this cartridge. As for me, I have two very active boys, so as you can probably imagine, it's definitely on my wish list!

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