Looking for Ideas for Cricut Projects?

[ReviewAZON asin="1596352825" display="inlinepost"]Earlier today, I came across this comment from Tiffney H. on another post:

Help! I have a Cricut Expression, and I know there are tons of projects it can be used for but I don’t know what those projects are. Do you have any suggestions, ideas, websites ANYTHING to shed some light on what all I can use my Cricut for? Thanks!

Tiffney, I should thank you! I have been wanting to put together a list of all the places that I get inspiration. Your comment gave me the motivation I needed to get off my duff and do it!

First, though, I have a confession to make.  You see, I love to craft and create, but personally, I'm just not that creative! I'm always amazed at the people who can look at a pile of supplies, and come up with something completely original and unique. Every time I try, it's a complete disaster!

However, that doesn't mean my Cricut is tucked neatly away in a closet gathering dust. Not a chance! Instead, I depend heavily on the generosity of others when it comes to getting ideas for my Cricut projects!

Here are a few of my favorites places for getting inspired:

  • Cricut Message Board - I love the Cricut Message Board! I promise you that you will find a treasure trove of ideas there. As a matter of fact, I try to avoid it unless I have a lot of time to spare - lol! When I visit, I literally end up there for several hours, just poking around and getting ideas. It's great! (UPDATE ON October 6, 2010:  The Cricut Message Board has now moved to the Provo Craft Community.  I left the link to the old message board active because it is still there - however, it is archived and read only.  New posts are on the new message board, which is just as active and runs better than the old one.
  • Bloggers - Once you spend a little time at the message boards, you will notice that several people have links in their signature lines that go to their personal blogs. Visit a few of these, and you will walk away with even more ideas! Some of my favorites include Joy and Melanie at Everyday Cricut, Creative Critters Cricut Club (say that one fast five times!), and Robyn at My Pink Stamper.  Many of these bloggers even have projects that are published in popular scrapbooking and paper crafting magazines, which brings me to my next favorite...
  • Magazines and Books - You can find excellent paper crafting magazines just about anywhere! As a matter of fact, when I pick up a few groceries at Wal-Mart or Meijer, I usually meander over to the crafts section, where they have their crafting magazines, and spend a little time flipping through the issues. I hope my husband doesn't read this - he always wonders why it takes me so long when I do the grocery shopping. That's the reason - heh heh!

I hope this helps you find ideas for Cricut projects - both online and offline. Of course, if anyone has additional recommendations (favorite blogs, magazines, message boards, etc.), feel free to comment below. We love to hear from you!


  1. Hey, I have the cricut expression and I want to make cards. Is there a way to put in the ink cartarage and write on the card. Like using the center point? I can’t seem to get it to work. Using the work Thank you or get well. Hope to hear from you soon. Jackie

  2. Hi Jackie,

    Hmmm…not sure why it’s not working. Have you checked around at the Cricut message board?

  3. Melissa S. Stoddard says:

    I am a pastor’s wife and a Sunday School teacher. I am looking for a cartridge that has inspiritional cut outs.
    Can you help me out?

  4. Hi Melissa,

    Unfortunately, I do not know of any one cartridge that is specifically religious/inspirational themed.

    However, many of the cartridges have a small selection of designs that would be appropriate. For example, the Cricut Solutions Wedding Cartridge has a church and a cross…

  5. Tina Howard says:

    i have the same problem with the center point and trying to write on the card. it wont work for me either.
    also i bought my cricut at walmart but would like some of the projects from the infomercial. any ideas on how to find them? ive tried their website no luck. the project specifically is the fold out scrapbook page. it looks like 4 or 5 12×12 pieces together and then folded up on diagonals???? any ideas??? thanks

  6. I have the cricut expression. Can anyone give me a listing or a place of where to find a list of the pressure, speed, and blade depth for my preferences with different kinds of paper and vinyl. Thank you

  7. I have another question also… they say that you can make stamps with your cricut expression. How do you do it, step by step?

  8. Hi Suzy,

    The Cricut’s corporate website has a lot of helpful information. You may want to look at their Tips and Tricks page:


    Their message board also has a lot of information for specific types of uses, such as with vinyl.

    To make stamps with your Cricut, you will need the deep cut blade and housing and the stamp kit. I did a post on it, which you can find here…


  9. Can you emboss with the cricut!

  10. Hi Gloria,

    No, the Cricut only cuts – you will still need a Cuttlebug (or other pressure type die cutter) for embossing.

  11. I am looking for an idea for a baby announcement card that I can put the baby’s picture on outside and particulars on vellum on the inside. anyone have examples of nice baby announcements I could borrow?

    Thank you,

  12. Sharon Umbel says:

    I’m looking for an example of a baby announcement card that I can cut out on Cricut, put in pics on the front of card and vellum info in the inside of card. Anyone have any ideas to help me get inspired.

    Thnak you,

  13. I am looking for a pattern or photo for a frankenstein treat bag/box made with the big kick die. I have seen it but can’t remember where.


  15. Hi Melissa,

    It’s hard to say what she was using – I would recommend checking out the Tags Bags Boxes & More cartridge to see if it has what you need.

  16. Hi…I’m new to Cricut too…got it as a Christmas present (lucky me!). But I have learned Cricut does more than cut. You can by Chalk to replace the cutter with, and your image will be drawn instead of cut onto the paper. FYI

  17. I have a Cricut Expression and I love it. I would like to know if you can cut construction paper on it? I have tried and it seems to tear a little. I have tried all of the settings, but nothing seems to work.

  18. Hi Lynda,

    To be honest, I have not tried construction paper with my Cricut. I have not tried it because I was afraid it would leave paper “crumbs” on my cutting mat – I have had that problem with some cheaper card stock that I bought. If it’s tearing, the only thing I can think to do would be to lessen the blade pressure.

  19. You can cut construction paper on your cricut you need to slow down the speed a bit. I work at a school and used my cricut to cut out #’s for math night out of construction paper with the speed 2-3, old mat (not real sticky), fairly new blade. The thing is the construction paper is a very dusty/fiber material and will make your mat not tacky at all after about 10 or so numbers. But I just cleaned the mat off with goo gone and respray lightly with Krylon Easy-Tack Repositionable Adhesive (just a light coat). Mat works like new.

  20. My husband bought me a cricut 2 years ago, then I got the cricut expression. I gave the regular cricut to my daughter in law. Both of us really enjoy the projects.
    If anybody needs how to use the speed tension , also how to use different cartridge setups go to utube vidios. It is very informative. It tells alot of information!.

  21. If I were you I wouldn’t be using construction paper on your mats. You will lose the stickyness on the mat, besides it makes your mats all FUZZY. The best thing to use is cardstock! It goes on easy and comes off really easy.

  22. Sally Dizbon says:

    is there away to not use so much paper. When I cut the watermelon, then the rind, then the seeds. How many times to I have to cut , to get the seeds. Is there a way that you can just cut the seeds, without cut the whole watermelon out in black. I realize this is a loaded question and hope someone can figure this out and get back to me. Happy cricuting.

  23. Hi Sally,

    What cartridge are you using? If the seeds are from a layering feature, then you shouldn’t have to cut the watermelon and rinds also. However, if it’s part of the original cut, and if you have either Design Studio or the Gypsy, you can select just the seeds to cut.

  24. I have a idea that no one is using yet and I used my cricut for it ever detail was cut with it . It will open new doors for scrapbookers every were I would like to get it published but not sure how to do it please contact me to go over it my work number is 219-567-9131 thank you for your time. Or e-mail me

  25. Just a little tid bit for anyone that might not know!! For your Mats, if the have dust, paper dust/fibers on them and they are not sticking really well. You can use baby wipes and clean them. They do a nice job and they become sticky again…

  26. I purchased the Cricut Express bundle with Jute Box & Design Studio . It was A very good price for all of it from the Home Shopping Network. Any way it’s not as easy as just take it out of the Box and start doing it. So I too have had to spend endless hours on the computer looking for tricks of the trade to use. Of course this machene comes with an instructional video, but the cartridge that does all the examples in the learning CD was not included in my bundle. “Figures”. In any case so far all I have been able to do is cup up and scar my mat. No instructions tell you what presure or what size to use with each pattern. The booklets are all most useless with very little “How To Instructioiins” So your kind of on your own learning each thing you choose to make. And what I have been able to make thuss far looks like kids play and not at all profeshional looking. (SAD).
    “OK” How ever I have found some not all instructional videos helpfull from youtube.com and some from Google. Just go in those sites and of corse enter Cricut in the site search and many to choose from do come up.
    I refuse to give up on learning. I have seen what it can do and am determend to learn. Especially after paying what I did. I can’t emangen giving up after desireing it so much. Info mercials are so bad. In any case if anyone one else out there knows where to find better help with presure and size according to paper type. Or how to fit patter to size of paper please help…I need all of that I can get.
    Thank You.

  27. to melody…here is a blog post and website i found with a great tips section…if you give them your email they will send you a great book to download with all the paper info you need. i hope this helps cause it helped me alot.


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