Top Ten Cricut Gift Ideas

I can't believe Christmas is next week!  Later today, I am going out to do some last minute shopping for some of my "paper crafty" friends and relatives.  I guess I like to save the best for last! :-)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this shopping trip because I have no shortage of ideas!  Actually, I have too many, so who better to share them with than you...

If you are buying presents for any die cutting buddies, here are a few Cricut gift ideas that are sure to please!

Gift Idea #1: Paper and Cardstock

I'm a paper and cardstock junkie - can't get enough of the stuff!  From what I have seen, most Cricut machine owners share this addiction, and that is why you absolutely can't go wrong with this idea!

Gift Idea #2: Adhesives

Recently I wrote about the different Cricut adhesive options.  Just like paper, I can't seem to get enough of the "gluey stuff" that holds all my projects together, and I'm sure I'm not the only one - who knew that a stocking full of glue could be the perfect gift!

Gift Idea #3: A Basket of Embellishments

Buttons, beads, brads, ribbon...

I could go on here, but you probably get the idea!  Die cuts are fun to make, but they are even more fun to embellish.  A basket of embellishments is a thoughtful gift for all your scrapbooking, card making, paper crafting friends!

Gift Idea #4:  Stamping Supplies

If you know someone that makes their own die cuts, but who has not jumped on the stamping bandwagon yet, it's only a matter of time.  Why not give them a head start by putting together a gift bag with a clear acrylic block, stamps, and a few stamp pads.

Gift Idea #4: Magazine Subscription

A paper crafting magazine subscription is another great gift idea.  Inspiration for projects can come from many sources, especially magazines!

Gift Idea #5: Cricut Cartridges

There are so many cartridges now available, that quite honestly, I do not know anyone that owns the entire collection!  That's why cartridges are always a top notch idea. 

Gift Idea #6: Cricut Tote or Bag

It's no secret that many of us who own Cricut machines like to take them "on the road" to scrap and craft the day away with friends.  I know more than one person that has held on to the box that their machine came in for just that purpose!  However, a Cricut tote or bag would be a wonderful gift idea - and finally, that old cardboard box can be retired to the recycle bin! 

Gift Idea #7: Cricut Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are a practical (but much appreciated!) gift for anyone who owns this line of die cutters.  Consider putting together a small gift basket filled with blades, mats, and inks as a thoughtful present that will receive much use!

Gift Ideas #8, 9, and 10

I'm getting a little too long-winded here, so I'll "wrap" this up with the final three ideas. Gift cards to craft stores definitely gets the thumbs up, photo and scrapbooking albums are another sure bet, as well as any project and organizer boxes!

Whew!  Now you have it - ten great Cricut gift ideas.  Of course, if you have any ideas that you want to add to this list, feel free - just leave a comment below...

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