Have You Heard About the New Cricut Deep Cut Blade?

Recently, Provo Craft introduced its new Cricut deep cut blade and housing, specifically designed to cut through thicker materials, such as chipboard, magnetic sheets, and vinyl.

There are several advantages to this new blade:

It provides for greater clearance for thicker materials.
The shorter housing with this blade allows greater clearance for feeding thicker materials (up to 1.5 mm. thick) into your machine.

It can be used with any of the three current machines.
That's right, even the original Personal Electronic Cutter can now be used to cut through thicker materials, thanks to this new tool.  Also, it can be used with the Expression and Create models.

It reduces wear and tear on your regular blades.
Previously, owners of the Expression could cut through thicker materials by using the Multi-Cut Function, which would repeat the cut up to four times over the original cut lines.  With the Create, users could do this by using the "Repeat Last" button.  However, as you can imagine, repeatedly cutting through thick materials with the regular blade can do a number on it.  By switching it out for the Cricut deep cut blade when cutting thicker materials, your regular blade will last much longer.

When you first purchase this, you should buy the Cricut deep cut blade and housing.  After that, you can reuse the housing and will only need to buy deep cut replacement blades as needed.

You will also need to manually adjust the machine settings - speed dial, pressure dial, and blade depth dial - based upon the types of material you are cutting.

Has anyone had a chance to play with the Cricut deep cut blade?  We would love to hear your experiences.  Make sure to leave a comment below...


  1. Drew Tennyson says:

    please advise me how to purchase another cutting blade housing for my machine my other on got misplaced.


  2. Hi Drew,

    You can buy replacement parts directly from Cricut. Here’s the link to that part of their website:

    Hope this helps! :-)

  3. Elizabeth Cronan says:

    I used the new deep cut housing and blade the other day on 2mm foam paper. I set the settings on max pressure and blade at 6. The speed is at med. the blade did not cut through the foam.I am very frustrated because of this. What did I do wrong?

  4. Deanna Griffith says:

    I’ve lost my hook up cords. Where Can I get some new ones

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