A Little Tip for Cricut Vinyl Users

By now, many of you have probably heard of the adhesive-backed Cricut vinyl that can be used for various home decorating and crafting projects.  If you have not had an opportunity to try some projects with this product, I encourage you to give it a try (and soon!).  I'm always amazed at what I can make with my machine, and by using the adhesive vinyl, there are even more possibilities!

One of the most common uses for Cricut vinyl is to create wall words and phrases.  However, depending on the size of your phrase and the details of the entire design, frustration may set in when you try to apply the letters to your wall.  Fortunately, there is a great solution for this problem... 

I'm referring to Cricut vinyl transfer tape.  It's very simple to use.  First, cut out your phrase and any embellishments.  Once you are happy with they way the cutouts look, arrange your design on a large flat surface, determining exactly how you want your design to look on the wall.

The vinyl cutouts will adhere to the transfer tape.  Very carefully, place the transfer tape on top of your design (sometimes it helps to have two people doing this).  Using the squeegee, affix the cutouts to the tape, working from the middle out.

After the front of the cutouts are affixed to the tape, you can then remove the paper backing covering the backs of the Cricut vinyl letters.  Using a ruler and level, pencil in some guidelines on the wall where you want the design applied.  Using these guidelines, and the guidelines marked on the translucent transfer tape, apply to the wall.

Once you are happy with the position of your cutouts, use the squeegee to press the letters on to the wall and off of the tape.  If you are familiar with kids' rub on tattoos, it's the same kind of concept - yep, it's that easy!

Keep checking back for more ideas and tips using Cricut vinyl.  As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions to add, please feel free to leave a comment!


  1. Becky Wilson says:

    Can you use the vinyl with the regular cricut or do you have to use the expression? I have the regular and I have only found the vinyl in the expression size. Could I just cut it to fit the regular cricut?

  2. Hi Becky,

    Yes, you can cut vinyl with the regular Cricut! I was hesitant the first time I tried it, only because the manual did not say anything about vinyl (it only talks about paper, vellum, and cardstock). However, I have never had a problem, and the smaller machine can cut many of the same materials as the Expression (if you don’t count chipboard). Anyway, hope this helps! Make sure you check back in and let us know how your project turns out…

  3. I am going to buy my wife a machine for Christmas this year. My sister has one and my wife and I go over and use it all the time. We love it. i even use it its that cool.

  4. I can’t wait to try using vinyl lettering on the walls in my daughter’s room, however when her mood changes in a year or so is it hard to remove it from the walls?

  5. I don’t think it should be a problem, but to be honest, I have not tried to remove any yet, so I can’t really say for certain. You may want to ask over at the Cricut message board…


  6. if you take a hair dryer to the vinyl it should just peel right off……..

  7. Dawn,
    HELP! My wife has “suggested” that for our upcoming anniversary (next week) that instead of buying each other gifts we make our gifts to each other. I have no idea why I went along with this as I am the least craftiest person I know. She has a Cricut Expressions (which I bought her for her birthday a couple of years ago) and I thought it would be very fun and surprising to my wife if I incorporated using the Cricut as my gift. My wife is a big crafter and has one or more projects going on at any time. I was thinking of buying an unfinished wooden box (chest type) and decorate it as a storage for her latest project. Any ideas would be very appreciative.


  8. Hi There! Do you seal your vinyl when you are finished if you make a wood sign?

  9. Steve I want to commend you on being a husband that is willing to try this. Personally what I would do is put maybe a special quote that is special to the both of you and decoupage that on to the wooden piece you choose. Also you could put wedding info i.e. date, time, place etc. then if you still want more maybe do items that represent special things to you, like for me and my husband it may be fishing, four wheeling, or camping. Have fun with it. She’ll treasure it for sure.

  10. My grandson loves Snow White. I have made the 7 dwarfs and Snow White (they are 11″ tall) and I want to put them on the wall in his room. What is the best way to adhere them to the wall? Thanks

  11. Hi Sophia,

    Are the cutouts made from paper and/or cardstock? If so, you may want to try removable double-sided poster tape – you can find it at office supply stores.

  12. Lara Gunnells says:

    I am doing vinyl letters on tile for gifts, I am not able to get them to stay on there, and then I need to seal them. Do ay of you have suggestions?

  13. Hi Lara,

    I have only worked with the self-adhesive vinyl. Do you instructions recommend using a particular type of glue for adhering the vinyl?

  14. Can vinyl be attached to windows like a decal? If not does anyone know what I can use as a decal. My friend has asked me if I can make a decal for her car with my cricut and I didn’t have an answer. Can someone here give me any advise or an idea. Thanks

  15. I found a website that sells cling vinyl for window decals.


    That should help you. :)

  16. I am glueing letters on plastic sippy cups and plastic drinking cups for my kids classes. I have had some letters fall off when I wash the sippy cups in hot soapy water. Any advice on a great glue to use? Super is not an option; it does not leave enough time to reposition the letters. But I do need a great glue to that won’t come undone when in heat or hot water. Thanx!

  17. Christy says:

    I want to do quoates on my porch wall, I would like to do cursive that is connected is there a cartdriage that does words that are connected

  18. Y’all should really ask these questions on cricut.com/community! There is a wealth of knowledge in that forum. :-)

  19. Hi!
    I’ve had a Cricut Expression for 2 years now and have never used it. My husband bought it through his company primarily for making vinyl letters to make advertisement signs and for letters for company cars. I have been an avid scrapbooker, but had to put it all on hold for the past two years because I was in school. I’ve now graduated and am so excited about getting back into it and using my Cricut machine.

    The whole point of my post was to say that we have used our Cricut to cut vinyl letters that we’ve put on our cars for signs, etc.

  20. I would like to adhere vinyl to wine glasses, such as zebra print. I have purchased outdoor vinyl. Is there any where that sells zebra stripes or is there a way to cut them on my cricut machine? Also, do you know if outdoor vinyl is dishwasher safe?

  21. Monica: I found this website today looking for zebra print for cricut machines. They have lots to choose from.

  22. Sorry Monica, here is the website: http://www.craftvinyl.com

  23. Does anyone know if any of the cricut cartridges has a zebra on it.

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