Have You Heard About the Cricut Create?

Cricut CreateEveryone knows about the Cricut Expression and Personal Electronic Cutter.  But did you know there is yet another machine that has been added to Provo Craft’s die cutter collection?

It is called the Cricut Create.  The best way I know to describe it is to call it a “hybrid”, because it combines the features of the other two models.  It is compact and portable like the Personal Electronic Cutter, but its overall styling, including its display screen, is similar to the Expression.  Using the 6x12 cutting mat, this machine can create die cuts from 1/4" to 11-1/2".

The Cricut Create is currently being sold exclusively through Michael’s.  I have looked around to find out if it will continue to only be sold by them, or if Michael’s is simply test marketing the new machine for Provo Craft.  I know other companies have used Michael’s as a sort of “sounding board” in the past, selling new products only through them initially.  For example, Martha Stewart had a line of scrapbooking products that were first touted as Michael’s exclusives, but I later saw them lining the shelves at Wal-Mart.

Could this be the case here?  Only time will tell, I guess...

Unfortunately, I do not know anyone who has purchased the Cricut Create yet, nor do I have one, so it’s hard for me to comment further because I have not had a chance to play with it.  I do know that it is currently selling for around $300, and Michael’s is running a special until August 31, 2008  - you can send away for a free Cricut cartridge if you purchase both the Create and a Jukebox.  Details of the rebate are at www.cricut.com/michaels.

If you own the new model, we would love to hear your thoughts about it!  Feel free to leave a comment...


  1. I have one and I love it! I also own the Expression, but I wanted a smaller machine with some of the capabilities of the bigger one. The Create fits the bill very nicely. Also loving Don Juan – I’m not the most patient person, so part of the reason I bought the Create was to get this cartridge! :)

  2. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for your review of the Create! I have been anxious to hear from someone that owns one, to hear how they like it. Every time I visit Michaels, I have to tell myself “no” over and over and over! I just know one of these days I am going to leave their store with one in the trunk. Glad to hear you like it!

  3. scrapit305 says:

    I just got it today and so far I love it. I had the baby bug for two day when I saw the new create on sale rt. the baby bug and got the hybird. Can not wait to do some projects.

  4. Sandra Roberts says:

    I would like to know how to put the letters up on the wall. In the commercials they show beautiful sayings on the wall, but i can’t find anything where is tells what to use or how to use it. I have a special place saved just for some beautiful sayings. Also if anybody has any ideas they would like to share I would love to hear them. Thank you, Sandy

  5. Hi Sandra,

    I am guessing these were made with vinyl. Here’s a link to the Cricut message board that gives some tips regarding working with vinyl…http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=4665652

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