Two New Cricut Cartridges Just Released!

In case you have not heard yet, two new Cricut cartridges were just released! I think you are going to love both of them...

Storybook Font and Graphically Speaking

In the coming months, you will also see some other new products from Provo Craft. There are several new cartridges that will be released, including the following:

Two Hello Kitty cartridges - Hello Kitty Font and Hello Kitty Greetings

Wild Card - Card makers will be waiting in line for this one. Lots of quirky, fun envelopes and shapes!

Two new font cartridges - Sans Serif and Black Letter

A Christmas cartridge - Hey Santa, I've been good!

Basketball - This one should be released months before March Madness begins...

There are also some great new accessories that I can't wait to tell you about:

Shoulder Bag Tote - Okay, Expression owners, this is what you have been waiting for!  The new shoulder bag tote can carry either the Expression machine or the Personal Electronic Cutter.

Deep Cut Blade and Housing - If you have been going through blade after blade trying to cut through materials other than card stock, the new deep cut blade and housing that will be released soon is the answer.

GoBe Power Pack/Portable Power Source - Now, your machine really will be the most portable die cutter on the market.  With the GoBe Power Pack, you will have the juice to keep your machine running even when there is not an electrical outlet in sight!

As you can see, there are going to be a lot of cool new Cricut cartridges and products coming out within the next couple of months.  I think it's time to get started on my Christmas list!  July isn't too early to start it, is it? :-)

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