Caring for Your Cricut Cutting Pads

Unfortunately, Cricut cutting pads do not last forever.  At some point, usually somewhere between 25 and 40 full mat cuts, you will find that your mat is no longer "sticky".  And once it is no longer sticky, that's right - it means that the pad needs replaced.

I was just reading through my Cricut user manual today.  To be honest, I used the manual to figure out how to operate my machine when I first purchased it.  Since that time, I have barely opened it!  Usually, I take a quick look at it when I need to replace my cutting blade.  Actually, that was the case today.

To get back on track, there was a sentence in the manual that popped out at me today.  I don't think I ever read it before (or if I did, I didn't retain it!).  Anyway, apparently Provo Craft recommends using several mats and rotating them often, in order to extend the life of the cutting mats. 

I'm not sure if I am sold on this recommendation.  Does it really extend the life of the Cricut cutting pads, or does it just seem to extend their life because you are not throwing one out every couple of months?  I think I may have to do an experiment and get back with you on this...

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